Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Exploring Nature with Mud and Bloom

Mud and Bloom is a business created by mum of 3 Anja who despite living in the city, is a huge gardening and nature lover. Anja came up with the wonderful concept of Mud and Bloom after previously subscribing to monthly children's craft boxes but realising that there wasn't anything nature or gardening based on the market. The box designed for 3-8 year olds which aims to encourage children to 'engage and connect with nature' in a fun and interactive way has been designed with busy mums in mind and includes everything you need to get you started, including organic, peat-free compost pellets so it's perfect for everyone, including those without a garden as the rest of your materials can simply be picked up on a walk through your local park.

This educational and fun subscription box comes through your door at the beginning of each month and contains four seasonal activities for you to engage in with your child along with instructions, nature news and a quiz. We were very kindly sent both July and August's Mud and Bloom boxes* and without a doubt, Emme has been loving them! I have to admit, I'm not the most inventive person when it comes to thinking of activities for me and Emme to do, especially outdoors; about the only thing we do when it comes to nature is collect leaves in the Autumn to paint as well as watering the plants in Summer, luckily her Dad is always in the garden with her but the Mud and Bloom boxes have not only been educational and fun for Emme, they have for me too!

I think Emme's favourite part of the boxes definitely has to be the seeds we have planted, she was giddy with excitement when I first told her we were going to plant some seeds as it was something so new and exciting for her. The first ones we had to plant were organic lettuce and radish seeds and I have to admit, when I let her put the seeds into the compost herself, I didn't expect much to come from them but it turns out you pretty much can't do it wrong and as soon as she saw her first shoots, she was excited beyond belief! Now that daddy has planted them in the garden she proudly shows them off to anyone she can and I can't wait to see her face when they have fully grown! This month we have a herb garden which excites me so much, especially the chive seeds as I love chives on my salad and it most definitely feels good to grow your own.

The summer flower vases were such a lovely task to complete together, we took the activity out into the garden on a hot day which was a great success as I allowed Emme to do the glue herself and didn't have to worry about the mess. I loved watching her concentrate and couldn't help but laugh at her concentration tongue as she glued the buttons onto the jars and it was great to see her be so independent, wanting to show me how she could be a big girl and do it all by herself, straight from the get go. The jars are now proudly displayed on her window sill in her playroom and she likes to have a couple of stems of her own flowers when I buy a new bunch, to put in her vases, which I think is adorable.

The Nature Paint Brushes were a huge hit with Emme as she sure does love her paints! She loved picking some flowers and grass on her walk to make them with and it was a great way to coax her to leave the park early to come back home for tea. She was so intrigued by the different stroke marks each brush made and couldn't wait to show her daddy her new masterpieces when he returned home from work, this was such an easy and fun activity that we'll definitely recreate.

We're loving August's box so far but with four activities to do and a wedding to plan, i'm trying to spread them out with us doing roughly one per week and so far the Butterfly petal pictures and twig picture frame have been so much fun! There's even enough resources to make another two pictures so we can recreate this one again! 

We have absolutely loved receiving our Mud and Bloom boxes, the activities have encouraged us to do so much more outside and it turns out Emme is a lot more green fingered than I realised! 

If you're intrigued but still a little unsure, you can view past boxes here and if you fancy trying a box before you subscribe, you can purchase these past boxes as a one-off (subject to availability.)

If you love the look of the boxes and fancy subscribing, you can use the code ABEAUTIFULDELIGHT For 15% off your first box (Valid until 29/09/18.) You can cancel or skip a box at any time and you can even purchase a sibling box which contains enough materials for two children!

What do you think to Mud and Bloom? Have you tried one of their boxes yet?

Love Abbie x

* this post contains gifted items, please see disclaimer

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