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5 Tips to Finding the Perfect Wedding Accessories

5 tips for choosing the perfect wedding accessories

Finding the perfect wedding accessories for some, is just as important as finding your dress! The accessories you choose can completely change your entire look and therefore isn't a decision to make so easily.

I was never that girl that grew up dreaming of the day she got married, I know some do and for them this is a day they have already planned out in their head a thousand times over and so I'm sure, they know exactly what they plan to wear come the big day, dress, accessories and all, even before they have found 'the one.' For me marriage has never been all that important, although like most, I thought I would some day get married, it has never been at the top of my to-do list and has always been the last step I wanted to achieve, maybe because my parents didn't marry until I was ten and I loved that all of my siblings and myself were all there to share their big day too. It wasn't until we had our daughter Emme that I actually wanted to get married, to me, it's the final step in bringing us together as a family.

I'm the most indecisive person ever and my biggest flaw is in decision making, so choosing my dress was one of the most stressful times of my wedding planning so far! I'm talking constant flowing tears, countless hours of lost sleep and just finding it so hard to just say yes to the dress even though I absolutely knew it was the one! Luckily with an encouraging nudge from family and friends, I finally bit the bullet and chose the dress of my dreams but the task of finding my accessories, I have found just as hard, if not even harder. Although to some people they are just accessories and really they are just that, however once the day has gone, these are details you can't change and they're accessories I will cherish forever and the idea of presenting some of them to Emme on her wedding day, should she want them, means they really do need to be perfect, so I thought I would share with you a few tips that I have found that have helped me with finding my perfect bridal accessories...

1. Take inspiration from the details in your dress

The thing that gave me the most inspiration towards my accessories was the detail in my dress. Many dresses have some sort of detailing from diamantes to pearls and if they have a band or belt that comes with the dress or is built into the dress, there may be some silver or gold detailing on there too, which can really help when choosing your accessories. My dress has some pearl detailing, so this was a big help as automatically I knew that pearls would compliment my dress really well. For some, there may be quite a lot of bling on their dress so taking inspiration from this detail and choosing diamanté earrings and a bracelet could work really well. This also applies to hair accessories, especially if they are both in eyes view at the same time, the details need to compliment each other as well as your dress.

5 tips for choosing the perfect wedding accessories

2. Choose your hairstyle first

Your hairstyle can play a huge part in the earrings that you choose to wear but most importantly what hair accessories, if any, to wear. If you're wearing your hair down, some styles may not need earrings as you won't actually see your ears whereas an up-do may work better with drop earrings and depending on if you choose to wear a hair accessory and where you wear it will depend on the style of your earrings too. If you choose to have a very detailed hair accessory at the front of your head you may want to opt for simple stud earrings or none at all whereas if it's at the back, even if it is detailed, you may get away with bigger and bolder earrings as they won't both be in eye's view at the same time.

When it comes to hair accessories, there are so many you can choose from, from intricately detailed hair combs to vines that you can weave in and out of an up-do to small pins that you can dot in and out of any hairstyle for finer details. One thing I did know that I wanted was a hair accessory that was floral in some way, I'm a very girly girl and so floral, pink and pretty is kind of my thing, so with my wedding theme being rustic I knew this was the way I wanted to go in terms of my hair details. Lace and Favour are a huge online wedding accessory retailer who sell an array of brands and everything from shoes to veils, wedding hair accessories and even flower girl dresses. An opportunity recently arose to work with them and I was very kindly gifted the hair accessory of my dreams! I chose the Angelina Porcelain Flowers and Leaves Bridal Hair Comb which is so so beautiful, it ticks all the boxes, has flowers, pearls, intricate detailing and will work perfectly with the hairstyle I have chosen. This will be in the back of my hair which allows me to go for more options in terms of earrings too and this is an accessory I know I will treasure.

3. Consider your neckline

There are so many different necklines you can have on a dress from illusion to sweetheart to a v-neck and so many more, which I find can really play an important part as to whether or not you wear a necklace or whether not to have one at all. I personally think that a high neckline or an illusion neckline doesn't need a necklace and therefore opting for some drop earrings may work better along with a bracelet. Some dresses also have a deep v at the back which can work really well with a long necklace turned the other way and draping down the back to draw attention to this detail of the dress. For a strapless dress or deep v neck dress, a larger and more detailed necklace could be worn as you have much more room to allow for more going on. My neckline is high and therefore I have opted not to wear a necklace at all.

4. Don't clash your colours

With champagnes, blush pinks and nude colour wedding dresses becoming the latest trend, traditional white and ivory dresses aren't the only colours you may see a bride in and if you too are a little more daring to go outside of the usual wedding traditions and choose a different colour dress, I think this plays a huge part in choosing your accessories. White and ivory simply go with almost any accessories but if you had a coloured dress like rose gold, this may not go as well with yellow gold jewellery as it could clash. I think silver jewellery compliments a blush pink dress really well along with pearls whereas I think a champagne dress would be go well with diamantes and nude dresses would go well with gold jewellery. I don't want to give away too much about my dress but I'm most definitely not a traditional bride.

5. Don't forget the length of your dress

The length of your dress can really help in deciding what shoes to purchase for your big day. If your dress is really long you could choose to focus your budget elsewhere as you might not see them at all,  a long dress could also mean you can afford to wear higher heels whereas if you have a knee length dress you may want to opt for more detailed shoes and really make them a focal point. My dress is long and I've paid for extra length as I'm tall however my fiancĂ© is the exact same height as me so I'm opting for flats and because my dress is long and you won't be able to see my shoes, I've opted to go for simple sandals which allows me to use the budget I would have spent on them on my jewellery instead.

Did you find it hard to choose your wedding accessories?

Love Abbie x

* this post contains gifted items, please see disclaimer

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