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A Rustic Wedding On a Budget

All images via Pinterest

Pinterest is my go to platform for everything from parties to decor and everything in-between, I can often lose myself in it and spend hours pinning away until the early hours when Dan makes me turn it off and head upstairs for some sleep before our little one has me up during the early hours. So I thought I would put all of my hours pinning away to good use and share with you lovely lot, the inspiration and ideas behind our wedding day! I love to see other people's mood boards and ideas so I thought why not share mine too!

With only giving ourselves eight months to plan and prepare for our wedding (we're already half way there!!) I knew that our wedding would have to be on a budget and I'm actually quite liking the challenge as it allows me to use my best side, my creativity, meaning there are lots of D.I.Y projects well under way and many in the pipeline too! 

We've decided to go for a rustic theme with blush pink and hessian but we have already deviated from the plan a little. When attending our wedding decor appointment, the lady who is decorating our venue on the big day suggested going for a blush pink linen for the chair sashes and table runners as it still gives the effect of hessian but goes well with my colours and the linen sits better on the chairs than the hessian does so we decided to opt for that and I cannot wait to see how it turns out! We also have gone for soft tones of pink rather than just blush pink because bridesmaid dresses aren't easy to find on a budget and it's hard to match up all of the colour pinks when everybody's shade of blush pink is different. I'm hoping to add touches of greenery in there too because Pinterest has had me swooning over it!

We're not having a very traditional wedding, without even trying we have scrapped so many traditions with one of them being that we've decided to skip the wedding breakfast (the three course meal you have after your ceremony) because eating in front of others is something that makes me very uncomfortable and therefore if we had one it would only be for the sake of others so with Dan being happy to skip the extra cost, we decided not to bother. We are of course feeding our guests but with us not getting married until the afternoon, we're having canapes followed by an evening buffet. For that reason we don't expect people to be sat down for as long as they would be if they were to have a sit down meal and so we wanted to keep the centrepieces for our table quite simple.  

Gypsophila has always been a big favourite of mine, it's simple yet beautiful and this makes up the basis for all of the flowers at our wedding. We're opting for a simple vase of gypsophila on a log centrepiece with a tea light and one other item that we are yet to agree on. It's a really simple and inexpensive centrepiece and I'm hoping it will be enough and not look too bare!

I love the idea of confetti cones and at our venue the confetti has to be biodegradable, which I think is quite standard now. I had found a lovely company called The Confetti Cone Company who sells the biodegradable confetti and cones but my mum has already started drying rose petals and saving them for me each week which I think is such a lovely idea so I'm going to use the excuse to buy myself roses every week and start saving mine too.

I love the use of chalkboards, I think they really add to the rustic theme, we're hiring chalk boards from the lady who is decorating our venue but I am very tempted to create one of my own from the Ikea Mala Easel like they have here. We plan to have one at the welcome entrance, one next to our polaroid station and maybe a few extras for things such as our photo booth prop and cake table.

We have hired a set of three crates to make a crate display similar to the one in the photo above, this will be in the welcome entrance and I still need to get them items to go in the crates but I think they will fit it really well with out theme. I do have a wooden Mr & Mrs bunting sign that I bought in my Ginger Ray Wedding Haul which I think may look quite cute hanging from this along with some flowers and we also have the lantern in the photo so I might add that too.

One of the new items our wedding decorator has is a wooden floral arch which we keep umming and ahhing over having. It's an extra cost that isn't exactly necessary but if you can't go all out on your wedding day, when can you? If we do go for it, we plan to have it at the end of the isle during our ceremony and then I thought we could maybe move it to the conservatory and add a floral backdrop such as the Ginger Ray White Floral Back Drop which will then look a little similar to the above photo and can then be used with the photo booth props and polaroid frame that I showed you in my Ginger Ray Haul which should make for some cute photos all round.

The photo booth table is one of the features I am most excited for and really hope goes to plan. I had an Instax Mini 9 Camera for my birthday which we plan to use for this and have a few possible ideas. We had seen an idea on Pinterest for a Photo Booth guest book in which everyone takes a photo and clips it up on a frame instead of a guestbook, we had also seen an idea in which people took a photo and added it into the guestbook along with their writing and the final idea was the one above in which people drop their photo in the bowl which I think is most likely to go to plan more than the others haha so we have a few to choose from, maybe we'll do all three!

So as you can see Pinterest has been such a big source of inspiration for our wedding, most of these ideas are just that, ideas and aren't set in stone so there's still time for them to change yet but overall I'm so happy with out theme and ideas and I cannot wait to see it all come to light on the big day!

Aere you planning your wedding? what theme have you gone for?

Love Abbie x

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