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Ginger Ray Wedding Haul

Ginger Ray Wedding Accessories with flowers

I like to think of myself as quite a creative person, I love making things, I love diy projects and I knew straight away that although I would want a professional to decorate our wedding venue for the most part, I also knew that I would want to pick up some selective pieces for the wedding as well as creating some pieces of our own. With the main decor booked, I decided to purchase the first few items that I'd had my eye on for a while from Ginger Ray and I thought I would share them with you all incase you're in need of a little Inspo or you just fancy a nosy, either way, let's get started...

Ginger Ray Wooden Guest Book with flowers

As soon as I saw this gorgeous wooden guest book, I knew I had to have it! With our wedding having a rustic theme, I knew it would fit in perfectly and the rose gold detailing is just so beautiful! I found a cute little idea on Pinterest where you have a table with a polaroid camera for people to take photos of themselves for the guestbook, were having a frame for people to clip their photos onto, so I think I'll place this on the same table and then it can either be used for people to write in or pop extra photos in.

Ginger Ray Giant Polaroid Sign with flowers

Ginger Ray Photo Booth Props with flowers

Best Day Ever Photo Booth sign £12.99 & Photo Booth Props £7.50

I absolutely love this polaroid style photo booth sign, I think it makes a great cheap alternative to the actual photo booths you can hire and gives your guests something fun to do. Our venue has a little conservatory that leads out to a little outside patio so I think I'll pop this in the conservatory for people to entertain them whist they're on their way out for some fresh air and the lighting will probably be best there for it too.

We picked up these photo booth props to go with the polaroid frame as we thought this would add a little fun for our guests and I'm sure they will make for some amazing photos, especially when everyone has a few alcoholic drinks down them.

Ginger Ray MR & MRS Wooden Bunting

We have a few crates that will be next to the welcome sign when people first walk into our venue, I plan to have a few vases of flowers on there and then I thought this bunting would look lovely on there too, I haven't yet got it out of the packaging though for fear of damaging it so I'm not sure how big it is but if it's too big I'm sure I'll find a place for it.

Ginger Ray Wooden Mr & MRs Wooden Cake Topper with flowers

Going with the rustic theme, I originally bought this cake topper to go on a naked cake, I'm sure you know what one is but if you don't....Pinterest! Though I have now fallen in love with another cake that I'm not sure this will go with, so maybe I'll just have two cakes so I can use it anyway? I mean I'm sure we'll need two to feed everyone right?!

Ginger Ray Hanging Glass Tealight Candle Holders with flowers

Ginger Ray Hanging Glass Tealight Candle Holders with flowers

 I wanted some cute tealight holders to go on my centrepiece and when I saw these ones for only £4.99 for four, I couldn't resist them so I ordered a few packs so I have enough for each table plus a few extras. I love that they have wire handles on them which would be perfect for an outdoor wedding hung from trees and that's exactly what I plan to do with them after the wedding. The handles are easy to take off for use on a table and I think the heart embossed sides make the sweetest touch.

I still have my eye on a few things from the Ginger Ray website such as the White Floral Backdrop and the Large White Confetti Balloons which I think will make for some amazing photographs. What do you think to the Ginger Ray Wedding accessories and decorations? Have you ever ordered any from them?

Love Abbie x

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