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Aurelia | Toddler Bedtime routine with Little Aurelia Sleep Time Discovery Collection

Little Aurelia Sleep Time Discovery Collection Samples

I first fell in love with the brand Aurelia when I discovered their award winning miracle cleanser in a Latest In Beauty box last year, not only is their packaging luxurious, the kind you want to display on your bathroom shelf but they are also 'one of the first to innovate probiotics into skincare' which immediately intrigued me, especially with how beneficial probiotics prove to be internally, I wanted to discover how well they could work externally too.

So of course when I discovered that Aurelia had recently launched a skincare range called Little Aurelia for little ones too, I knew we had to try them! Luckily I managed to sign up for their introductory offer and received the sweetest set of very generous samples for just £5 which included samples of the Sleep Time Top To Toe Wash, Sleep Time Top To Toe Cream, Comfort and Calm Rescue Cream and my personal favourite Sleep Time Bath and Massage Oil, all beautifully presented in a velvet grey bag.

One thing I've realised since becoming a parent is that babies and toddlers go through phases all of the time, their habits change and what works for them will always change too, what works for them one week may not necessarily work for them the following week but Emme has never been a great sleeper no matter what we have tried and we have tried it all, or so it seems. It's not often that Emme will go down to sleep without a fight, she often has very restless nights and she varies with her wake up times but I don't think it's a fluke that since using our Little Aurelia Sleep Time Discovery Collection that we all seem to have been getting much more sleep around here. Although she has still had to be coaxed into going to sleep, overall our nights have been so much better since we introduced the products into her bedtime routine, something that had fallen by the wayside after a couple of stressful months and incorporating the collection into our routine couldn't have been simpler.

Little Aurelia Sleep Time Discovery Collection samples with bag

Our current bedtime routine with Little Aurelia...

After tea we head upstairs and run a bath, Emme gets so excited about bath time that she throws all her toys into the bath and has a mad five minutes running around whilst I gather her pyjamas, put her towel on the radiator and attempt to create a calming atmosphere ready to start winding her down for bed. We start by adding a couple of drops of the Sleep Time Bath and Massage Oil into Emme's bath, swirl it around gently to allow the oils to disperse evenly and get Emme undressed ready to get into the bath. Once she's in the bath, we play for a while, sing some nursery rhymes and then I wash her hair and body with the Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash, which she loves to help with, so I'm glad to see the full sized products have a pump on top. Once I'm soaked from all the splashing, I wrap her in a warm towel and take her into her bedroom, gently massaging her skin once dry with either the Sleep Time Bath and Massage Oil or the Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream which I alternate each night, applying the Comfort and Calm Rescue Cream to any dry areas. We then get her into some cozy pyjamas and dry her hair before retreating to her bedroom ready for the night, Dan will then bring her up a fresh drink if he's home, Emme has always woken for drinks during the night, along with her dummy and will read books to us whist we cuddle in bed, then it's lights off and cuddles in bed with mummy until she finally gives into sleep.

Little Aurelia Top-to-toe wash and cream

The Sleep Time Top to Toe Wash is a luxurious body wash which is sulphate-free and is great for both hair and body, it lathers really well and Emme is at that age now where she likes to put her own body wash on which means I have to ration it before she empties the entire contents onto herself. It smells amazing and is super gentle on the skin, Emme has always reacted to mainstream bath products so its lovely to find a product that I don't have to worry about bathing her in.

I absolutely love the Sleep Time Top To Toe Cream, from it's calming fragrance to it's nourishing ingredients, this lavender infused cream is most definitely a bedtime staple here. The cream glides onto skin with ease, helping to soften the skin, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready for bed.

Little Aurelia Comfort and Calm Rescue cream and Sleep Time Bath and Massage Oil

The comfort and calm rescue cream is a miracle multi purpose balm, its one of those products that you need one of in every room and every bag because it comes in handy for so many things from cradle cap to bruises and itchy skin, its one for all of the family. The Cream is quite thick so it works great as a barrier cream for sore bottoms and has definitely become a staple in my bag, Emme calls it magic cream because we pull it out for the 'paw paws'.

I would have to say The Sleep Time Bath and Massage oil has to be my favourite of them all, it smells absolutely incredible and a few drops added to your baby bath is sure to calm them instantaneously. I also love to use this to give Emme a massage before bed to relax her and she absolutely loves her massage time, this is something I definitely like to include in her bedtime routine if she has been particularly restless or poorly because anything that helps to increase my chances of some sleep when the odds aren't particularly in my favour, is a winner to me.

Aurelia have a handy guide to baby massage which is amazing if you're unsure where to start, you can find it here if you're interested.

Once Emme has finally gone off to sleep, she has seemed so much more settled since we have incorporated the Little Aurelia Collection into her bedtime routine, she hasn't been restless like she usually is and she only wakes up for toilet trips but goes straight back off to sleep with the icing on the cake being later wake up times! Hooray! I think the introduction of the Little Aurelia skincare collection has definitely been the most beneficial factor in our current bedtime routine.

If you haven't tried the Little Aurelia Sleep Time Discovery Collection yet and you have a baby or young child, or heck even if you want it for yourself, I've been happily using them too, then I would definitely recommend you trying them out. Not only do they smell incredible but they are so kind and gentle on skin too, a win for everyone!

What does your bedtime routine look like?

Love Abbie x

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