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Wedding | Planning with the Blush and Gold Luxury Starry Wedding Planner Book

Blush and Gold Wedding Planner Front Cover

If you haven't already seen, we finally set a date!

It's only taken Dan and myself twelve years together and nearly five years of those engaged to finally set a date for our Wedding and we have given ourselves less than eight months (now six) to save for, plan and prepare our wedding as well as to lose three stone each, no pressure! So after four months of my beautiful Blush and Gold Wedding Planner sitting on my bedside table, I have finally been able to put it to great use and with so little time to plan it all, this has fast become my new sidekick.

Blush and Gold first caught my eye on Instagram with their beautiful and elegant designs, from wedding invitations to table planners and their latest release, a mind body and soul planner, I wish I could afford them all! I opted for the Luxury Starry Wedding Planner Book £25 which I was lucky enough to get on offer for just £10 last August, so keep an eye out for their offers on social media, however I can honestly say it is worth every penny at full price and I would have happily paid it!

Embossed with real gold foil, the design of this planner is simple yet sweet and one I was very happy to show off at our wedding venue meeting a couple of months ago. It comes beautifully presented, wrapped in tissue paper with string and would make the perfect gift for any newly engaged family or friends, or just like me, it makes the perfect gift for yourself, call it an investment, I don't know how I'd plan my wedding without mine.

The thing I love the most about my Blush and Gold Wedding Planner is how detailed it is! Most wedding planners I have come across are simply a glorified notebook and although they have beautiful covers, they feature nothing more than a lined notebook inside. The Blush and Gold Wedding Planner Books however are jam packed full of information and contains everything you could possibly think of when planning your wedding!

Blush and Gold wedding Planner Title Page

The Planner is set out into sections of which tasks need completing by which time scale and features a checklist to tick them off as you complete them, so for example, section 1 is '12-18 months to go' and features tasks such as mood boards, a budget list and guest lists, whilst section 3 which is '6-9 months to go' features tasks such as decorations, flowers and vows and it goes right down to the week before your big day including a honeymoon checklist. This has been amazing for me because with such short notice I came to realise just how many tasks should have already been completed and it has allowed me to organise myself for once with minimal effort as it's all set out infront of me.

Blush and Gold Wedding Planner Cake Page

Blush and Gold Wedding Planner Photo Checklist

There are so many fantastic sections set out in the Blush and Gold Starry Wedding Planner with the budget section being one of my favourites. It lists all possible costs and gives you a column to write down your estimated cost for each item as well as a section for your actual costs which really helped me to realise everything we need to pay for, some of which I would have completely forgotten about had it not been in my planner.

The planner also features some fantastic visuals such as a cake tier which shows how many tiers you can have in a wedding cake and how many pieces those layers will provide which for a cake novice like me is amazing. Another visual I loved was for your wedding dress, from illusion tops to sweetheart necklines and sheath bottoms, this has really helped me to explain exactly what I'm looking for in my wedding dress when attending my bridal boutique appointments.

This wedding planner also features an array of checklists that have really helped me to pinpoint the specifics such as the photos I would like taking, what the venue requires and provides and what items we would need to take on our honeymoon, if we actually get one.

Blush and Gold Wedding Planner Venue Page

The Venue section is fab as it gives you the option to write down all the details about your venue from their contact number to the total cost of getting married there and even has a space to put a small photograph of the place in but also has a list of handy questions to ask the wedding coordinator when you arrive such as 'is there a cake cutting fee?' which I would never have even known existed let alone thought to ask. As you can imagine, with how unorganised I am usually, I felt pretty smug rocking up at our venue with my wedding planner and asking my pre-set questions, for once in my life I actually felt organised even though I didn't have to do anything other than bring this along with me.

The stationary tracker is pure genius, it's such a simple section of the planner yet something that I would never have thought to do myself and yet will help me in the end when someone hasn't rsvp'd by the given date, because we know all that someone will forget, and I can check that I actually sent out their invitation as the stationary tracker allows you to note down who you've sent an invitation to and who r.s.v.p'd as well as who you received gifts from and who you've sent thank you cards to which is so handy to keep track of your numbers before the big day.

As you can see there is so much to this planner, it's full of information and ideas to get your head whirring around all things weddings and I would highly recommend these wedding planners from Blush and Gold, so much thought has gone into these, the designs are absolutely stunning and the information is so well designed! Now I just need one to organise the rest of my life!

Did you use a wedding planner to help you plan your wedding?

Love Abbie x

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