Sunday, 8 October 2017

Heavenly Tasty Organics* Review

As a first time mum, I had all the best intentions prior to motherhood, I was going to be the perfect parent and I wouldn't dream of being anything less than, that is until I became a mother and I am not ashamed to say that I am far from my previous perception of a 'perfect' parent. You see, sleep deprivation and endless tantrums does that to you, and if it hasn't done that to you then I take my hat off to you, but if I have a tantruming toddler in front of me, screaming for another snack whilst I'm trying to survive on four hours sleep, then I hold my hands up and admit, I will give in, call me weak but some days it's what is needed to survive.

Emme has always loved her snacks but then again what toddler doesn't?! The problem is, as much as I try to keep her snacks healthy, think cheese, fruit and yoghurts, I do like to have packaged snacks in my bag for when we're out and about and I don't fancy the chances of strawberry juice dying my iPad cover red but it's hard to keep track of how much sugar your child has consumed when so many foods have hidden or added sugars.

Luckily I have recently discovered Heavenly Tasty Organics who have us covered when it comes to low sugar, tasty snacks for your family, with them being the first baby and toddler food brand to be accredited by sugarwise meaning you don't have to feel guilty when using them as bribery, just me?! 

Heavenly Tasty Organics was founded by mum of two Shauna who came up with the idea for the business soon after starting weaning with her own children. Like many other mums, she started making her own baby food from scratch and when she found that the products on shelves just didn't cater to her children's allergies, Heavenly Tasty Organics Ltd was born. At Heavenly Tasty Organics they promise to produce natural and organic products that are nutritional and innovative, whilst ensuring their customers know exactly what is in their products.

We were recently lucky enough to be sent some of their delicious snacks to try and they have been a huge hit in our house so far! Here's what we were sent:

Coconut Squishies*

Mango, Apple, Banana and Coconut Milk/ Strawberry, Apple, Banana and Coconut Milk

Suitable from 6 months, these delicious pouches contain squished organic fruits with coconut milk and a dash of lemon juice, they seriously satisfy a sweet tooth and are 1 of your 5 a day which means mum points straight away. Emme (and myself) loves sucking them straight from the pouch but they can also be squeezed onto a spoon for babies, making them perfect for changing bags and on-the-go, especially because they don't need to be refrigerated.

Yummy Wafer Wisps*

Spinach, Apple and Kale/Pumpkin and Banana

I think these would be great for teething gums as they're very similar to crisp bread in texture, with a slight roughness that would help to break a tooth through but not rough enough to hurt and they're suitable from 6 months. Some days I can't get breakfast down Emme, other days she has two bowls of breakfast followed by fruit, toast and any other snack she can get her hands on which is when I pull these out to keep her going until lunch.

Mini Italian Breadsticks*

Presented in a handy resealable bag, these breadsticks make the perfect mid afternoon snack. Both Emme and myself enjoyed tucking into these whilst reading books in her teepee last week. Ems is quite the bread fanatic, any kind of bread will do and although we dont usually have breadsticks in the cupboard, she'll always reach for them at a party. I think she quite liked the size of these as they are the perfect for small hands and I'll definitely be picking up Rosemary flavour next time.

With these being so successful, I'm going to pick up the happy halo bites and crispy veggie waffles on my next shop becausethen I don't have to feel so guilty about snack time!

You can purchase these from Sainsbury's, Waitrose, Morrisons, Ocado, Boots among other retailers and online at the Heavenly Tasty Organics Shop!

Have you tried anything from Heavenly Tasty Organics yet?

Love Abbie x

* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer
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