Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Toilet Training Regression

I have been more than open about my struggles as a parent from having a child that hates sleep to a much shorter breastfeeding journey than I had set out for, lets just say that my parenting hasn't turned out exactly how I imagined it to. So when we recently started full on potty training not long after Emme turned two and she pretty much aced it within a week, including day trips and bed time, I have to admit I was quick to post about it on social media. Not to brag by any means but because I was bloody well proud that we'd managed something with ease and I wanted to be able to look back and remember how proud I felt and remember that we'd managed to crack something ahead of schedule, instead of being behind.

Of course as soon as you hit that button to tell the world something positive, you know for a fact that you have well and truly jinxed yourself. Fast forward nearly three weeks and we've all of sudden had countless accidents. The first being the worst explosion Emme has possibly ever had whilst out in the city centre, I don't even think she had a nappy this bad as a baby, followed by many nights of bed wetting, something she mastered from the first night but seems to have completely back tracked on and I'm not entirely sure why.

Part of me wonders if I've moved everything on far too quickly for her. We started off bedtimes with nighties and going commando so that she didn't have anything to even feel remotely protective like a nappy, in the hopes that she would not wee and she grasped it amazingly with no accidents at all, (at least at first) so I then moved onto putting pants on under her nightie and very quickly moved onto putting pyjama bottoms on when her nighties were in the wash, when maybe she just wasn't ready for such a quick progression.

The explosion however I think and hope was just a one off, it did resemble that of an upset tummy and therefore is completely understandable but with the bed wetting too, it makes me question where things went wrong.

Emme is still telling me when she needs to wee during the day, and she loves to use it as an excuse several time before bed so I know that she hasn't given up on toilet training altogether, it's not that she's taken a disliking to going, in fact sometimes she's quite happy to sit there and have a chat whilst she goes. She has started using 'I need a drink' several times before bed as an excuse not to go to sleep and I'm wondering if she's possibly drinking far too much before bedtime but I don't feel like I can deny her a drink.

The only other thing that has changed since we started her toilet training is that we have been trying to get her to sleep back in her own bed at night after months of sleeping in ours and I'm wondering if maybe I've tried approaching that far too soon with her, even though she initiated the idea as she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed because her new thing is to 'be a big girl like Ella' (my four year old cousin). She is still coming into our bed in the early hours but she goes to sleep in her own bed, she has had accidents in both ours and her own bed.

So where I thought we had been lucky and were sailing our way through toilet training with ease, we've encountered a bump in the road that I hadn't expected. Accidents I did expect, attempting toilet training and having to wait a little longer because she wasn't ready, I expected too but for her to pick it up so quickly and then to start backtracking wasn't something I expected and is a completely new learning curve. I don't want to push her, she's only two and its completely normal to have accidents even after being fully toilet trained but I don't want to completely back track and start putting her nappies back on, so here's hoping this is only a blip in the road and that we get back on track shortly.

Did you experience toilet training regression with your toddler? How did you overcome it?

Love Abbie x
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