Thursday, 27 April 2017

Munchkin Travel Booster Seat Review

Munchkin Travel Booster Seat packaging

Packing a bag for the day out with a baby or toddler is hard enough, never mind packing for a mini break or even a holiday because babies and toddlers need so much stuff. We have only taken Emme away once and at the time she was just 15 months old, luckily she was already out of the early baby stage of needing bottles and sterilisers, formula and weaning foods but we still had plenty to pack and i'm one of those people who packs everything ' just incase.'

We have a mini break at Center Parcs with Dan's parent's coming up soon and this time around I'm determined to pack more wisely, ensuring we only take the things we need. One thing we will be taking with us is the Munchkin Travel Booster Seat because I know we will probably eat out a lot and I find it so frustrating when you go to a restaurant and there are so few highchairs that you have to wait for one to become available before you can even order your meal. Since we bought the Munchkin Booster Seat for Emme she actually prefers this to her high chair, I think she likes feeling grown up sat at the table with everyone else as her highchair doesn't fit well at the table and she tends to be a little further back when she's in that. 

What I love most about the booster seat is that it isn't just great for travel and meal times, we also use it for craft time and messy play because it's so much more handy for me to place a messy mat on the kitchen table for Emme to do her activities on and pop her in her booster seat, than to try and balance everything on her tiny high chair tray which guarantees me cleaning the floor afterwards.

Munchkin Travel Booster Seat being used

The booster seat is a gorgeous mixture of grey and blue, so very gender neutral which I love as I know we can use it for future children too. It features a swirl design on the top and side and of course the signature munchkin heart. It has a very stable and secure frame which can accommodate a toddler or child aged approx 12-36 months up to 50lbs so with Emme being such a dainty little thing, I know we'll get our money's worth from this. The frame features a handy little compartment to pop things like drinks and snacks in or sometimes ill pop nappies and wipes in which means that I can leave the changing bag at home. 

The seat has a 3 point harness system which is fairly easy to use, my only niggle is that the straps around your child's waist are quite stiff to tighten, which I guess means that once you've figured them out, will give you peace of mind that your child is strapped in well, i'm just not the strongest person and I do struggle with them. The chair straps also double up as a shoulder strap which I think is such a unique design, this means it's so easy to carry and it's really lightweight too which will be amazing for a place like Center Parcs where we could be walking around all day but still want to take it along for when we decide to stop at a restaurant.

Munchkin Travel Booster Seat compartment

The material is wipeable and so easy to clean, I may have accidentally thrown a whole cup of coffee over this and the nice cream chair it was on top of and luckily they both came clean straight away so you can just take my word on that one.

This was one of those items that Dan insisted on buying and initially I wasn't too bothered about as I simply didn't think we needed it, however we have had so much use out of it already and it get's way more use than our highchairs so it has definitely been worth the money! I would highly recommend it to all parents and parents to be.

Do you have a travel booster seat? Have you tried the Munchkin one?


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