Monday, 30 January 2017

You Are My Sunshine #1

I often use my blog and social media as a way of sharing both the highs and lows of motherhood but I can sometimes feel like I'm moaning a little too much. I love motherhood and having children is the only thing I ever knew I wanted in life, my baby girl really is my pride and joy! The one job I feel I am succeeding at in some way is being her mum and although I don't always get it right, in fact Im pretty sure I screw it up completely some days/weeks/months compared to others but when I look at how funny, clever and happy my baby girl is, I know I must be doing something right! So I wanted to start a new series every week in which I share what Emme did that made me proud that week, whether that's learning a new word, staying in her own bed a little longer than usual or even just going to the shops without throwing a tantrum. Ive decided to call the series 'You Are My Sunshine' because the song is close to my heart and my daughter really is my sunshine on a cloudy day!

You Are My Sunshine #1

This week Emme has said so many new words and she has become so obsessed with stickers just lately, which I think is pretty standard at her age and although I find them everywhere, including her nappy! I swear I can find more in Emmes nappy than my bloody handbag! However they are pretty inexpensive and they keep her entertained for ages so I quite like that she likes stickers! A few days ago she was putting her stickers in her book and as she put one on the page she said 'all done' and it was just the cutest thing! I have no idea where she learnt that phrase but I love it!

One of her new favourite things to do is say 'jump' and then she bends her knees and lifts up abruptly, not quite lifting her feet off the ground but up to her tiptoes and she giggles with laughter each time. She especially loves it when mummy and daddy join in jumping and she jumps around the room, giggling and shouting and I honestly love how something so simple can make her so happy! She really does make me so proud!

Whenever Dan has a busy month at work, Emme stops wanting him to do things with her, don't get me wrong, she still collars him into playing with her princess castle and she'll give him kisses for choc choc but when it comes to getting dressed or going to bed and daddy wants to do it, all you hear is 'no, mummy' and it becomes so hard for all of us. Dan starts to get a little disheartened when he can't help out, Emme becomes frustrated and upset and I find it hard that when Dan wants to help out and take over that Emme won't allow him to. This week I've found that instead of asking 'is daddy going to take you to bed' and giving her that option, it's been more effective to just say 'give me a kiss sweetie, daddy's taking you to bed, na-night' and because we take that option of choice away, she has just been accepting it and giving me a kiss before taking her daddy's hand to go to bed. The tantrum and tear free bedtimes have been so much nicer and I love that they have been having more time together to bond because when Dan works so much, that time becomes rare.

At the weekend Dan and Emme were playing with her princess castle, I was cooking tea and I could hear them saying 'na-nyt' to the princesses as they put them to bed and Emme saying 'weee' as she pushed the princess on her swing, it was so lovely to here them role-playing and Emme is really starting to use her imagination now which is just the sweetest. When I came in the room to join them, Emme had put the swing out of place and each time she'd done it, dan had asked for a kiss in return for him fixing it, she once again took the swing out of place and Dan said 'what does daddy get for fixing it?' And she just came out with 'more kisses' me and Dan just looked at each other in amazement, sometimes I cannot believe the words and phrases she manages to say, not too long ago, she barely spoke a word and all of a sudden she's coming out with more words and phrases each day that just make me light up and feel so proud!

I cannot believe how quickly my baby is growing up and I couldn't be any prouder if I tried!

Love Abbie x

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