Monday, 9 January 2017

My Goals For 2017

I love the motivation that the first day of a new year brings, for me it feels like a clean slate, the chance to make a fresh start and kick my ass in gear to do those things I've been putting off and although I know I can make goals any day of the year, I feel like the new year is a great place to begin! 

So here are my goals for 2017

Be more organised

I think this is the first goal on my list every year and I still haven't mastered it but this year will be the year! (Am I convincing?) I'm not scared to admit that I am the most unorganised person you will ever meet! (ok, not convincing at all) I set goals every now and again and occasionally I'll make a list but carrying out those goals doesn't always go as well and I soon forget about them before moving on to making the next one, forgetting what was even on the first. This year I need to be more organised with every aspect of my life, personal, work and home.

Use my diary

You would not believe how many diaries and notebooks I buy and never actually use! I can't help but wonder if I actually used them, could I finally become organised with my life?! This year I aim to try that and see!

Schedule housework

I do a thorough clean through the house every Saturday when Emme is at her grandparents house but I want to schedule set chores for set days so that come Saturday if Dan's off work, we can use our baby free day to do things that we can't do so easily with Emme in tow, like decorating or Ikea trips (sorry Dan) or even just having a date day and enjoying each other's company which becomes so rare when you become a parent..

Renovate our house one room at a time

When we bought our house just over two years ago, we knew we wanted a house that was already liveable. Upon viewing the house I didn't love the decor but I liked it and the plan was to do it up as we went along but it took months for everything to go through due to the previous owners and the month before we moved in I found out I was pregnant with Emme so buying baby items took priority over house renovations. Two years later and the only rooms we've decorated are Emme's bedroom and the living room and we're slowly starting to loathe the rest of the house. Don't get me wrong it's lovely, we're very lucky to have our home and I'm so grateful but it still doesn't quite feel like our house when we haven't put our stamp on it yet. So this year I want to pick a room and decorate it, buy accessories and complete it before moving into the next room rather than just buying a couple of accessories here and there for each room and not actually being happy with any of them.

Grow our family

We decided after Emme turned one that we wanted to add another addition to our family. We always wanted our children close together in age and just after Ems birthday felt like the right time for us but having a condition called pcos means that getting pregnant isn't straight forward for me. Unfortunately the more I weigh, the worse my pcos symptoms become and still being 2st heavier than I was when I got pregnant with Emme means that it is proving a little more difficult than we'd hoped! This year I hope to lose the rest of the weight that I gained during pregnancy (I actually gained 5st) and welcome baby number two to the family!

Do you set new year goals?

Love Abbie x

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