Friday, 16 December 2016

Nurture Fruity Water+ | Building Children's Immunity on the go!

Taking care of our child's immune system is so important, more so at this time of year as the weather drops colder and our social activities increase with the festive season. The one thing I hate about being a parent is watching my baby come down with something, the worry that comes with it and the guilt of wondering how you could have prevented it, so anything that could help to give Emme's immune system a boost, I'm willing to try! We were recently sent some Nurture Fruity Water+ pouches* to try and with the promise of immunity support I was excited to see how Emme got on with them!

Created with busy families in mind, Nurture is a company that knows all about the importance of strengthening our little Ones immunity against germs. Founded by Lucie and Derek Sanders, keen adventurers that weren't so keen on the germs and infections that their children caught during their travels. With three children of their own, they know the importance of a strong immune system when little ones like to explore. With this in mind, they set out on their own journey to develop an all-natural drink that strengthens the growth of children's immune systems without compromising on flavour.

At Nurture they understand that the more socially active children become, the more germs they come into contact with and the younger they are, the more susceptible to germs they become. Therefore Nurture believe that supporting children's immune systems daily helps their healthy growth and helps to combat germs that cause colds, flus and bugs which is why their recipe includes 45% juice and 55% water aswell as a little added goodness!

Nurture Fruity Water+ includes 7 different vitamins to help give your child's immune system that important boost. These include vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D and zinc which are proven to help your immune system function normally. The vitamin D and calcium included are essential for growth and development of healthy teeth and bones, whilst the Wellmune Beta Glucan included has been clinically proven to strengthen key immune cells that help to keep the body healthy.

There are two fruity flavours of Nurture Fruity Water+ to choose from - Orange and Pineapple or Cherry and Strawberry, both are ridiculously good (emme was kind enough to let me try them) but the Cherry and Strawberry is definitely the favourite in our house.

I love that these drinks still taste quite sweet but only includes sugars found naturally in fruits and with less than 5g (4.3g to be exact) per 100ml they are tax exempt and school approved! What I love most about these though is the mess-free spout! Emme has become so independent of late and will not accept help of any kind which can become very messy, especially when it comes to fruit and drink pouches so I love the reassurance that I can give these to Emme out in public and with new clothes on and not have to worry about her pouring it all down her!  These spouts should be a must for all pouches!

Suitable from 1yr+ and perfect for on the go, we love to keep one of these in our bag at all times, handy for soft play and shopping trips for an instant energy and immunity boost!

These are available from Ocado, Boots and Holland & Barrett

Have your kids tried Nurture Fruity Water+ yet?

Love Abbie x

* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

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