Sunday, 2 October 2016

Loving Lately #1

Taking the time to enjoy the things that I love is something I have to consciously make the time and effort for, as being a mum means that I often get caught up in what everybody else needs/wants/loves, so it's nice to take time out for myself and discover what I really love and enjoy, things that make me feel like me! I used to do a monthly favourites post which I loved writing and sharing with you but I just don't find that I have enough for a monthly post anymore so I thought I would do a Loving Lately series instead in which I share with you what I'm currently loving when I actually have a decent sized pile. This time I also plan to share with you food and home items, books and whatever is floating my boat at that time, aswell as beauty products, because lets face it, when you have a little one 90% of your money goes on them and your makeup pile very quickly dwindles, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

On with the post...

I never seem to get my hands on collaberations with amazing brands so i was pretty chuffed when I managed to get two of the Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks on the day they came out, I may not have been quick enough for the two I really wanted and I can't afford them now that they are back in stock, but I'm still going to give myself a pat on the back for getting a hold of these! The shade muse is my current favourite, as it's a great transition colour from Summer to Autumn. This pink toned nude/mauve lipstick is such an on trend colour right now, the formula is so smooth and lovely to apply and it has fantastic staying power, I'm hooked!

Yves Rocher Noix De Coco Coconut Eau De Toilette

I love coconut, the fruit, the scent, the oil, to be quite honest, I don't get that some people don't love it! What's that all about?! Dan hates the fruit but loves Malibu and the scent.. that to me, is a crazy ass concept! Anyhow, I was seriously excited when I opened my My Little Box a couple of months back to see the theme was infact coconut and this Yves Rocher perfume was waiting inside for me! I have spritzed this all over almost every single day since I received it and it smells so freaking good! It reminds me of being on holiday which instantly lifts my mood and its the perfect size to pop in your handbag for an instant pick me up throughout the day!

This lash-multiplying mascara makes my teeny tiny lashes look sensational! I have such a love-hate relationship with mascara, often they give volume and sometimes a little length but because my lashes are quite ridiculously tiny, they never give me a great deal (unless were counting panda eyes that is) but this mascara actually gives me visible lashes and then some! I'm already starting to panick about this running out so I may just have to go buy a stash!

I am a girl that loves my brows, even on my no-makeup days, I like to at least have my brows done but I often find when I have a busy week that I end up turning to brow pencils for ease! However just recently I have fallen in love with doing my brows again with my ABH dip row pomade and I have been taking the time to do them properly! There's not much quite like grooming, filling and setting my brows and the benefit ready set, brow! has been perfect for keeping my brows in place. This is so easy to use with the combed brush and keeps hairs in place all day!The snazzy packaging is a nice touch too!

This book has literally had me laughing out loud on numerous occasions, I even think the other half is starting to think he's missing out as I have now started having to repeat said hilarious phrases/sentences/chapters out loud so that he too can be in on the lols! I love how much I nod along to this book, knowing I've been there, done that and feel sane for knowing that I am not the only mum to encounter such experiences. Sarah tells it how it is when it comes to motherhood and makes you realise that your not a crap mum for admitting that it is hard, we all find it hard, some of us just find it easier admitting it than others and there is nothing wrong with that!

Home Inpiration by Yankee Candle Vanilla Frosting Wax Melt Cubes £3 Asda

I spotted these new melts by Yankee Candle in Asda the other day and was seriously impressed that you get 6 melts for just £3! I love the sickly sweet scents so Vanilla Frosting was straight in my basket and I'll definitely be back to get some more soon. I love that these smell just as good when lit as they do when you smell them in the shop, there's nothing worse than a candle that doesn't create an aroma which is why I usually stick to Yankee Candle!

This is my new current obsession! If you haven't tried snog frozen yoghurt yet, get yourself to Sainsburys, it's only £3 and I promise you won't regret it (if you like passionfruit and frozen yoghurt that is) and if you actually eat it the way your supposed to (and not eat the whole tub in one go, guilty!) it's only 100kcal for 100ml (roughly 2 scoops) so it's relatively guilty free and a nice treat for the last of the summer heat! Just add wine!

What have you been loving lately?

Abbie x

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