Friday, 11 November 2016

Detox with Facetox

Becoming a mum means you really do learn to appreciate the simpler things in life, gone are the days when a shopping spree and a bottle of wine put a smile on my face, ok, the wine still puts a smile on my face but now after a long day, nothing makes me happier than a face mask and a bar of chocolate whilst binging on Netflix so when Facetox contacted me and asked me to review their 7 mask supply* I couldn't say no, with many celebs including Charlotte from Geordie Shore and Lydia Bright from Towie having shared their love for the face mask, I knew it had to be pretty amazing!

My skin has always been troublesome, I've always had spots and more recently adult acne which means that choosing the right face mask is really important for me. Although I've always loved skincare, I have to admit, I don't often stick to a routine and I don't always remember to take my makeup off before I go to sleep which wreaks havoc on my skin so I rely on face masks to give me a helping hand and Facetox has been my saviour! 

Available as a 7, 14 or 21 day treatment, Facetox is an organic, cruelty free, vegan face mask which extracts, pulls and detoxifies your skin. The face mask comes in two seperate sachets, one containing rose water, the other a unique blend of clay that causes a negative charge when mixed together and literally pulls the toxins out of your skin! It also helps to draw out blackheads, reduce the appearance of scars, even skin tone and shrink pores.

I love mixing the face mask together, its feels extremely satisfying and adds to the experience of your pamper night. It's very important for the face mask not to come in contact with metal so you are provided with a plastic bowl and spoon. As you mix the blend together, the face mask becomes very thick, you then simply apply the mask to a clean dry face avoiding your eyes and mouth, allow to dry for around 20-30 minutes, wipe off with warm water and a face cloth or a Facetox Konjac Sponge and apply your usual moisturiser. 

Rinsing the mask off gets extremely messy so I usually apply this and if i'm having a serious pamper night i'll apply a hair mask too before settling down with a hot chocolate whilst the mask does its magic. I love that you can literally feel the mask working, it causes a slight tingling sensation as the toxins are drawn to the surface, as I know that the product is doing its thing. I'll then rinse it off in the shower which makes clearing up far easier. I have never used a face mask that has shown immediate results before using Facetox, it's normal for redness to appear and I did experience this after each use (this should subside within 30-45 minutes) but I was amazed at how bright, soft and clear this made my skin from the very first application and these results only continued to improve, with my spots gradually improving with each use. I have now come to the end of my supply and my spots have completely cleared up, Facetox has not only treated my spots but it has prevented them from coming back too.

Facetox is suitable for all skin types but because it is such a strong treatment, it is recommended that you start off by using the mask 1-2 times per week for 15-20 minutes until your skin adjusts, you can then up this to 3-4 times per week for up to 30 minutes but I would not recommend using it any longer as it can start to become a little uncomfortable as it dries. 

What I love most about Facetox is that due to the product containing only natural ingredients, it can be used safely during pregnancy so pregnant mamas can still have a pamper evening without the unnecessary worry!

I would highly recommend Facetox to anyone in need of a skin detox! The 7 mask supply can be purchased here for £24.99 with worldwide shipping available.

Have you tried Facetox yet?

Love Abbie x

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* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

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