Friday, 28 October 2016

Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

There's something so satisfying about having flowers around the house, it's like an instant pick-me-up whenever I catch a glimpse of them and remember exactly why they are there, because flowers are such a meaningful gift, whether your sending them for a birthday, valentines day or just to say Thank you, flowers induce so many emotions and knowing that a bouquet of flowers are there for those very reasons is a instant mood booster! So when I was contacted by Bloom & Wild the flower delivery company and asked if I wanted to review one of their Bouquet's I felt so lucky and of course happily accepted!

Now a florist I am not but I have always loved the idea of being so, I really enjoy the concept of taking items, putting them together and relishing in the beauty that is the final piece and with Bloom & Wild you actually feel like a florist as you get to experience the flower arranging of your chosen bouquet! Presented in a slimline box, the perfect size for fitting through your postbox (no waiting in required) the flowers are neatly displayed in cellophane with a gorgeous gold bow tied around them, it's the little things isn't it? with the larger flowers individually protected by netting. After opening up the flowers and mixing my flower food sachet with water, I got to work arranging my flowers with the tips on the information card which I actually found very therapeutic to do. I love that with these letterbox flowers comes an experience!

I opted for The Quinn bouquet* as I loved the Autumnal Hues, featuring gorgeous orange spray roses, orange carthamus, limonium, burgundy bloom chrysanthemums, kangaroo paw and wheat, this harvest bouquet is simply beautiful and really brought that cosy autumnal feel to our home! The flowers arrive in bud which keeps them safe as they travel and it's lovely to watch them open, this also means that they last longer than your typical store bouquet. They can be enjoyed for 7 days or more if a little TLC is given, simply prepare as instructed on the box, refresh their water every few days and keep them away from radiators, cold draughts and direct sunlight. I have had my bouquet for a week now and although the carthamus are starting to wilt, the chrysanthemums look they still have weeks left in them so I intend on placing these in a smaller vase to enjoy for a little longer once the rest of the bouquet has gone.

If like me, you love having flowers in the house regularly, Bloom & Wild offer a subscription service where you can choose to receive or deliver if your feeling generous, flowers in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly gift bundle for 3, 6 or 12 months and if you really love your flowers, you can choose an on-going subscription.

There is also an app especially for Bloom & Wild, its really simple, easy to navigate and even has a handy occasion app which allows you to enter birthdays, anniversary's and other special dates, it will then give you a reminder before the day to send your flowers, this is perfect for people like me who often forget occasions and then panic buy on the day, I swear I never used to be this unorganised, is baby brain still an excuse after nearly 16 months?!

I love my bouquet and although they are more expensive than your store bought bouquets, ranging from around £20-£50 the beautiful hand selected arrangements and service make them feel extra special for those occasions and I will definitely be using them next time I need to send a bouquet. I may also give Dan a nudge towards The Harper for our anniversary coming up as it is simply beautiful!

Have you enjoyed the Bloom & Wild experience yet?

Love Abbie x

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* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

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