Saturday, 30 July 2016

LittleLife Butterfly Toddler Daysack Review

Reins were one of those things pre-baby that I thought were downright cruel! Why don't parents just let their babies run freely? Why can't they just let them hold their hand instead of walking them like they walk their dog? Admittedly it kinda does feel a little akin to walking your dog sometimes when your child wants to stop and look at everything and you give a gentle tug to entice them to carry on their journey, however I now realise how life saving (literally when your child tries to run into the road) reins actually are! 

Now I didn't expect Emme to be walking so early but this girl went from not walking to walking in .5 seconds, she took those first steps and literally became a whizz at it the week before she turned eleven months! With her being so young, I expected it to be more of a progressive thing but within a week she wanted to do everything by herself, including walking without holding my hand! 

Although it's exhausting now that Ems can get into even more things, I have loved how happy walking has made her, which I'm sure is down to the fact that she can get up to way more mischief when mummy's eyes in the back of her head blink for a second, and I just love how grown up and independent she is already, albeit a little emotional about the whole thing!

On insta ( my biggest obsession) follow me on @abeautifuldelight if you don't already, I follow a lady called Louise @louloubellexo (check her out) who's gorgeous little girl Isla is a little over 3 months older than Emme and ever since I saw the photographs of Isla wearing the Butterfly Daysack Reins back in April I had imagined Emme tootling around in them too. Fast forward to June when Dan was on the front bringing the new plants in from the car and me and Emme went to help him, Emme sprinted towards the road and had a full on melt down when I wouldn't let her walk around the street freely, oh the joys of having a toddler, it was at this point that I decided that we too needed these reins!

The LittleLife Daysacks come in several different designs including a dinosaur, Minnie Mouse, Buzz Light Year and ladybird just to name a few but we chose the butterfly as I loved the cute girly design. The Daysack is suitable from one to four years and has adjustable padded shoulder straps, it features a removable rein, internal name and address tag, chest strap to prevent the backpack from slipping and a top grab handle which allows you some parental control even when the rein strap is off. The backpack itself is great for popping a drink and snack in when your going on short walks but can hold a surprising amount in there if your little one is a bit older.

We didn't actually purchase the reins until after Emme's birthday but I am so glad that we did, Emme loves these and often points to them for me to put her little backpack on and then tootles off with it on. I love that you can unclip the hand strap and I think this is a big part of why Emme loves them so much as we just let her wear the backpack for a few days first until she was used to it and we knew she was enjoying it before we decided to take her on an adventure with the handstrap clipped on. Emme will often wear the backpack around the garden, she loves it that much, she's also happy to wear it out and about if it allows her to walk unaided (or so she thinks) and I've found it pretty great for short supermarket trips, where she wants to walk around herself and I don't have to break my back running around bent over directing her away from every trolley and shelf corner. 

I would highly recommend these if your toddler has just started walking too!.

Does your little one have these or something similar? What do you think?

Love Abbie X
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