Friday, 16 December 2016

Nurture Fruity Water+ | Building Children's Immunity on the go!

Taking care of our child's immune system is so important, more so at this time of year as the weather drops colder and our social activities increase with the festive season. The one thing I hate about being a parent is watching my baby come down with something, the worry that comes with it and the guilt of wondering how you could have prevented it, so anything that could help to give Emme's immune system a boost, I'm willing to try! We were recently sent some Nurture Fruity Water+ pouches* to try and with the promise of immunity support I was excited to see how Emme got on with them!

Created with busy families in mind, Nurture is a company that knows all about the importance of strengthening our little Ones immunity against germs. Founded by Lucie and Derek Sanders, keen adventurers that weren't so keen on the germs and infections that their children caught during their travels. With three children of their own, they know the importance of a strong immune system when little ones like to explore. With this in mind, they set out on their own journey to develop an all-natural drink that strengthens the growth of children's immune systems without compromising on flavour.

At Nurture they understand that the more socially active children become, the more germs they come into contact with and the younger they are, the more susceptible to germs they become. Therefore Nurture believe that supporting children's immune systems daily helps their healthy growth and helps to combat germs that cause colds, flus and bugs which is why their recipe includes 45% juice and 55% water aswell as a little added goodness!

Nurture Fruity Water+ includes 7 different vitamins to help give your child's immune system that important boost. These include vitamins B6, B9, B12, C, D and zinc which are proven to help your immune system function normally. The vitamin D and calcium included are essential for growth and development of healthy teeth and bones, whilst the Wellmune Beta Glucan included has been clinically proven to strengthen key immune cells that help to keep the body healthy.

There are two fruity flavours of Nurture Fruity Water+ to choose from - Orange and Pineapple or Cherry and Strawberry, both are ridiculously good (emme was kind enough to let me try them) but the Cherry and Strawberry is definitely the favourite in our house.

I love that these drinks still taste quite sweet but only includes sugars found naturally in fruits and with less than 5g (4.3g to be exact) per 100ml they are tax exempt and school approved! What I love most about these though is the mess-free spout! Emme has become so independent of late and will not accept help of any kind which can become very messy, especially when it comes to fruit and drink pouches so I love the reassurance that I can give these to Emme out in public and with new clothes on and not have to worry about her pouring it all down her!  These spouts should be a must for all pouches!

Suitable from 1yr+ and perfect for on the go, we love to keep one of these in our bag at all times, handy for soft play and shopping trips for an instant energy and immunity boost!

These are available from Ocado, Boots and Holland & Barrett

Have your kids tried Nurture Fruity Water+ yet?

Love Abbie x

* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Limited Edition Birchtree by Bloom & Wild x Birchbox

The Birchtree by Bloom & Wild x Birchbox

Having a toddler, kitten and a Fiance whom I nickname 'Grinch' every year, means that my Christmas tree will most likely be going up pretty late this year but I always find that it's putting up the Christmas tree that really makes me feel festive, that and a festive treat or two! However this week I was lucky enough to receive The Birchtree* from Bloom & Wild the amazing flower delivery company and it has well and truly got me in the festive spirit already!

The Birchtree by Bloom & Wild x Birchbox

Presented in a cute wooden pot, The Birchtree is Bloom & Wild's latest genius collaboration with Birchbox, the UK's number one beauty box. Complete with 5 luxe beauty miniatures and the perfect size to dress up your desk, table or window, The Birchtree makes the perfect Christmas gift for you or your beauty loving friends and family. I mean, does is actually get better than Christmas trees AND beauty products?! This is literally my dream tree!

The Birchtree Samples

 Included in the box is a Birchbox drawstring bag with sample sizes of some amazing products just like you would receive if you're a subscriber to the beauty box. The products included are - 

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask - This deep cleansing mask is said to remove impurities, minimise pores and leave your skin feeling soft all in just 5 minutes, making it the perfect pre-party prep!

Rituals The Ritual of Sakura Magic Touch Body Cream - A rich and velvety body cream that helps to strengthen, nourish and firm the skin is perfect for those party pins! 

Benefit The POREfessional - This primer helps to minimise pores, blur imperfections and provides a smooth surface to apply your makeup, I'm already a big fan and am so happy to have a miniature size to pop in my bag for touch-ups.

Lord & Berry Red Lipstick - I'm all about red lipsticks come Christmas and this one is the perfect shade for the season!

Givenchy Live Irresistible EDP - With hints of pineapple and rose, this sweet smelling perfume is sure to turn heads! I'm saving this one for Christmas Day!

The Birchtree Samples

Each of the beauty samples has a red ribbon attached that allow you to hang them on your tree like baubles which I think is just the sweetest idea! Though, if like me, you can't resist using your samples before Christmas (oops) you could always replace these with some miniature baubles and some miniature battery powered lights which is exactly what I intend to do.

What I love most about this oh so festive miniature evergreen  is that although small, it fills the room with that nostalgic scent of a real Christmas tree, a scent that makes me so happy that I have had a ridiculously huge smile on my face since the day the tree arrived! The Birchtree is also really easy to take care of by simply watering once a week and keeping away from direct sunlight, I'm hoping that I manage to keep mine alive for a while (plants are not my forte) as I do not want that Christmas scent to fade any time soon!

The Birchtree by Bloom & Wild x Birchbox

Just like Bloom & Wild's Letterbox flowers, The Birchtree also comes in a box perfectly sized to fit through your letterbox which makes it the perfect gift as you don't need to ensure anyone is waiting in for it and at £30 it makes the perfect 2-in-1 gift for those who already have everything! Make sure your quick though as this one is limited edition and I predict that it will sell out like hot cakes!

Will you be treating yourself or anyone else to The Birchtree this year? You can get 20% off your first Bloom & Wild purchase with the code: BEAUT

Love Abbie x

* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas Beauty Decorations

Christmas Beauty Decorations


I cannot explain to you just how excited I am to put my Christmas tree up this year, albeit a little nervous with a toddler and a kitten, i'm sure it won't be up for long! If your one of those people who puts your tree up before December, I envy you, Dan would have me both put it up and take it down on Christmas day if he could get away with it, so our compromise is that it's allowed up from December 1st. My second favourite thing to Christmas is beauty products, I have far more than I am able to use but that that doesn't stop me lusting after more and what could be better than beauty filled festive treats, on your tree and your table?!

I have always loved the idea of Christmas beauty crackers and baubles as they usually contain miniature versions of cult beauty products, which allows you to try out some more expensive products for a fraction of the price, they also make the sweetest gifts and are usually within budget for secret santa gifts too!

By Terry is one of those luxury brands that I have always lusted after, so many bloggers seem to rave about this brand with some of their most popular products being their Ombre Blackstar Eyeshadow Sticks and their Baume De Rose Multi-Protective Lip Balm but I could never justify the price of some of their products. However I would be seriously happy to find the Impearlious Baume De Rose hanging on my Christmas tree this year! This festive take on the original is what beauty dreams are made of!

The Oskia Merry & Bright Christmas cracker from Space NK has to be one of my favourite picks of this post, I have always wanted to try this cult cleanser but at £29.50 for 100ml its not a price I want to gamble with, especially as skincare isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of product, however this cracker miniature is just £18.50 for 40ml which seems far more reasonable so i'm hoping this one will make it's way into my stocking this year!

Do you have any beauty baubles ready to decorate your tree with? or beauty crackers to gift on Christmas day?

Love Abbie x

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Friday, 25 November 2016

D.I.Y Beauty Advent Calender

Images via Pinterest 

I've lusted after so many beauty advent calenders for the past few years but I can never seem to justify the prices. However with Black Friday bringing us so many amazing deals, I have literally been hooked to my inbox over the past week so when I spotted that Latest in Beauty had 30% off, it gave me an idea to create my own beauty advent Calender!

Latest in Beauty have recently relaunched and now offer a subscription box with a choice of 3, 6 or 9 products that you choose yourself, this means that you can choose products that you know you'll use, check the sample sizes and choose the colours/scents to suit you, however you can also choose to have these boxes as a one-off and you can buy multiple boxes too. I decided to purchase two boxes, a box of 9 products (£18) and a box of 3 products (£9) to make a twelve days of Christmas Beauty advent Calender that I know I'll love.

If your quick enough and order this Cyber weekend there's 30% off EVERYTHING with the code 'CYBER' (ends Tuesday 29th November 16) which means that you can get 12 products for your D.I.Y Beauty Advent Calender for just £18.90 plus delivery (£3.95) instead of the usual price of £27 when following what I did.

Latest in Beauty have so many amazing brands to choose from right now and some very generous sample sizes too, here's what I chose:

Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Rose (830) 30g

Elemental Herbology Facial Soufflé Overnight Repair Cream and Mask 30ml
Philosophy Purity Made Simple 3-in-1 Cleanser 90ml
Nails Inc Nail Polish in Uptown 14ml
Fleur de Figuier Body Lotion 50ml
Vita Liberata Self Tanning Gradual Lotion 50ml
Rosie for Autograph Nuit Parfum 15ml

Bee Good Youth Enhancing Hydrate, Smooth and Prime Serum 10ml
Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black
Caudalie Divine Oil 15ml
Melvita Damask Rose Floral Water 28ml
Kitsch Hair Ties X 5

These are of course all subject to availability, I already missed out on the Alpha H Liquid Gold (sobs) so if theres something you really want, be sure to place your order sooneer rather than later top avoid missing out on a product like me.

I have a few ideas from Pinterest on how to create my Beauty Advent Calender, from simply placing them in paper bags (£3.50 Ebay) with pegs (£1.65 Ebay) maybe in a basket (£6 Ikea) and numbering them with gift tags (£2.35 Ebay) to hanging them from a wooden tree ladder (£10 John Lewis) which means that you can make it cheaper or a little more expensive depending on your budget. I already have the pegs and wicker basket so if I go for thar option I only need to buy the bags and tags which means my whole Calender comes to a total of £28.70 including delivery! Though I am tempted by the wooden ladder tree that's for sure! I am seriously so excited to put this together and will update this post with a picture when it arrives and is complete! Be sure to check my Instagram here for updates too! 

Will you be making your own Beauty Advent Calender this year?

Love Abbie X

Saturday, 19 November 2016

My Top 5 Tips on How to Encourage Your Toddler to Eat More

my top 5 tips to encourage your toddler to eat more

Having had a baby that didn't drink much milk, (she still wouldn't take more than 4oz at a time even at 5 Months old) I was told that she would most likely thrive on food and cut her bottles quicker than I expected. Of course Emme has always loved proving everybody wrong and although initially she loved the early stages of weaning, enjoying every new flavour we introduced, she would never eat much and disliked moving onto each new stage, instead favouring milk, which before one is perfectly fine, food before one is supposedly only for fun anyway. However it has still took us some encouraging to get Emme to eat more than a few spoonfuls before telling us 'no' because she's had enough. So encouraging Emme to eat seems to have become a new hobby of mine and I wanted to share my top 5 tips on how to encourage your toddler to eat more with those of you who have a fussy toddler too - 

1.Eat at the table with them - this probably sounds simple to some, I've been brought up to sit at the table when eating meals but Dan's family are the opposite and only eat at the table for Christmas dinner and we very quickly got into a habit of eating on the sofa and/or floor when moving into our own house. Since buying a new kitchen table, we have been eating every meal sat together and I find that watching us eat encourages Emme to eat more too.

2.Involve them in cooking - I've found that Emme seems to be encouraged by food when I involve her in the cooking, obviously shes too young to really be involved but simply doing things like letting her stir ingredients gets her more excited about her food.

3.Cook hearty home cooked meals - Emme gets much more excited about the home cooked flavoursome meals that I cook such as cottage pie, spaghetti bolognaise and chilli's, she will quite happily eat a bowl full of my homemade chilli and rice in the evenings but when I make her snacky bits for lunch such as ham, cucumber, cheese etc she merely picks at it and is very quickly done.

4.Mix it up - I often get stuck in a rut of giving Emme sandwiches for lunch but understandably she gets bored quickly so I have to remember to mix it up sometimes, even if its just doing something as simple as tuna pasta for lunch, it's still quick and easy but because I don't make it often, she seems to enjoy it more.

5.Cut down on the snacks - After a little research, I have found that two snacks a day is plenty for a toddler, we find that one in between each meal works well. Once Emme started walking, she just didn't have time for food, she was far too excited to explore that sitting in a highchair became a problem for a little while and she ended up snacking far too much! For me I was just trying to make sure she was actually eating something but it very quickly became a bad habit that we had to break. Since cutting her snacks down, I have found that she will eat more at meal times so it does seem to be working.

Do you have a fussy toddler? What are your top tips for encouraging your toddler to eat more?

Love Abbie x

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Marula UK Deep Moisture Hair Mask

Marula UK Deep Moisture Hair Mask

Having long, thick hair is well and truly overrated, at least for me! Don't get me wrong, it gives me so many options when it comes to styling and it looks amazing when my best friend and hairdresser Sophie has styled it after a trip to the salon. However hairdresser I am not and I cannot recreate those curls that she so perfectly creates, not to mention it's ridiculously hard to maintain, so I often find myself wishing my hair were a litte finer or somewhat shorter but then we always want what we don't have! I'm pretty sure that's built within us! You see, my long thick hair is naturally wavy at the roots, the kind of wavy that takes forever to straighten out, the kind of wavy that doesn't look good left undone, so in order for my hair to look even a little tame, I have to blow dry and straighten my hair pretty regularly, resulting in incredibly damaged and split ends! I have to admit I am guilty of mistreating my hair, not only do I use a lot of heat styling, I don't fret if I can't find my wet brush, I will quite literally pull my hair out with a hairbrush and I don't use hair protection or treatment products anywhere near as often as I should!

You may remember me raving about a genious little product called Marula Beauty Oil back in May last year (you can see that post here) which I still swear by and use during my skincare routine as well as to reduce the appearance of my stretch marks. Well this time I am back with another product from Marula UK, the Marula Deep Moisture Hair Mask*. When I was contacted by the lovely Iran from Marula UK and asked if I wanted to review the Deep Moisture Hair Mask, I was overjoyed at the hope of a product that could finally make my hair more manageable but what I didn't expect from this product was immediate results! Just like skincare, I like to test out hair care products on my hair for a good few weeks to see the true effects but even after the very first wash I noticed an amazing difference in the condition of my hair and how much easier it was to style, it finally felt  healthy and dare I say it, easy to manage, ok, I said it!

About the product...

The Deep Moisture Hair Mask* (£24) by Marula UK contains antioxidant-rich Pure Marula Oil which absorbs quickly and locks in moisture. The high levels, 70% to be exact, of Oleic Acid which can be found in fats such as olive oil and avocados, enables the Pure Marula Oil to penetrate the hair shaft along with Keratin Amino Acids and treat it from within, working deeply to repair and hydrate it, providing deep conditioning and improved strength, making hair healthier, shinier and more manageable. 

How I use it...

When applying the deep moisture hair mask, I like to wash my hair twice to ensure I rinse out any product build up, dry shampoo is a necessity with a toddler, I then apply this mask liberally to my ends, working the product up my hair and up to my scalp. I leave the mask on for the recommended 5 minutes while I cleanse my face or exfoliate and if I'm having a pamper evening I'll apply it for around half an hour whilst I have a soak in the the bath. I ensure that I use my wet brush whilst the mask is on and again when I've rinsed the product out with warm water to ensure there are no knots or tangles. The ColorDefend technology which locks in colour, also cuts down drying time which is amazing for me as being a mum means I just don't always have the time to dry my hair and my hair is so hard to manage if I leave it to dry naturally!

So is it worth a try?

This luxurious mask really is worth the splurge! I have noticed such a difference in the overall condition, appearance and manageability of my hair since using this mask. From the very first use, I noticed that when it came to styling my hair, my hair felt amazingly soft, my ends felt noticeably smoother, it was amazingly so much more manageable and it looks so much healthier and shinier! I was so impressed that I actually asked the OH to feel my hair, of course he nodded, smiled and agreed but I couldn't stop feeling my hair, it hasn't felt this healthy in years!

Have you tried the Marula UK Deep Moisture Hair Mask yet?

Love Abbie X

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Detox with Facetox

Becoming a mum means you really do learn to appreciate the simpler things in life, gone are the days when a shopping spree and a bottle of wine put a smile on my face, ok, the wine still puts a smile on my face but now after a long day, nothing makes me happier than a face mask and a bar of chocolate whilst binging on Netflix so when Facetox contacted me and asked me to review their 7 mask supply* I couldn't say no, with many celebs including Charlotte from Geordie Shore and Lydia Bright from Towie having shared their love for the face mask, I knew it had to be pretty amazing!

My skin has always been troublesome, I've always had spots and more recently adult acne which means that choosing the right face mask is really important for me. Although I've always loved skincare, I have to admit, I don't often stick to a routine and I don't always remember to take my makeup off before I go to sleep which wreaks havoc on my skin so I rely on face masks to give me a helping hand and Facetox has been my saviour! 

Available as a 7, 14 or 21 day treatment, Facetox is an organic, cruelty free, vegan face mask which extracts, pulls and detoxifies your skin. The face mask comes in two seperate sachets, one containing rose water, the other a unique blend of clay that causes a negative charge when mixed together and literally pulls the toxins out of your skin! It also helps to draw out blackheads, reduce the appearance of scars, even skin tone and shrink pores.

I love mixing the face mask together, its feels extremely satisfying and adds to the experience of your pamper night. It's very important for the face mask not to come in contact with metal so you are provided with a plastic bowl and spoon. As you mix the blend together, the face mask becomes very thick, you then simply apply the mask to a clean dry face avoiding your eyes and mouth, allow to dry for around 20-30 minutes, wipe off with warm water and a face cloth or a Facetox Konjac Sponge and apply your usual moisturiser. 

Rinsing the mask off gets extremely messy so I usually apply this and if i'm having a serious pamper night i'll apply a hair mask too before settling down with a hot chocolate whilst the mask does its magic. I love that you can literally feel the mask working, it causes a slight tingling sensation as the toxins are drawn to the surface, as I know that the product is doing its thing. I'll then rinse it off in the shower which makes clearing up far easier. I have never used a face mask that has shown immediate results before using Facetox, it's normal for redness to appear and I did experience this after each use (this should subside within 30-45 minutes) but I was amazed at how bright, soft and clear this made my skin from the very first application and these results only continued to improve, with my spots gradually improving with each use. I have now come to the end of my supply and my spots have completely cleared up, Facetox has not only treated my spots but it has prevented them from coming back too.

Facetox is suitable for all skin types but because it is such a strong treatment, it is recommended that you start off by using the mask 1-2 times per week for 15-20 minutes until your skin adjusts, you can then up this to 3-4 times per week for up to 30 minutes but I would not recommend using it any longer as it can start to become a little uncomfortable as it dries. 

What I love most about Facetox is that due to the product containing only natural ingredients, it can be used safely during pregnancy so pregnant mamas can still have a pamper evening without the unnecessary worry!

I would highly recommend Facetox to anyone in need of a skin detox! The 7 mask supply can be purchased here for £24.99 with worldwide shipping available.

Have you tried Facetox yet?

Love Abbie x

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Friday, 28 October 2016

Bloom & Wild Letterbox Flowers

There's something so satisfying about having flowers around the house, it's like an instant pick-me-up whenever I catch a glimpse of them and remember exactly why they are there, because flowers are such a meaningful gift, whether your sending them for a birthday, valentines day or just to say Thank you, flowers induce so many emotions and knowing that a bouquet of flowers are there for those very reasons is a instant mood booster! So when I was contacted by Bloom & Wild the flower delivery company and asked if I wanted to review one of their Bouquet's I felt so lucky and of course happily accepted!

Now a florist I am not but I have always loved the idea of being so, I really enjoy the concept of taking items, putting them together and relishing in the beauty that is the final piece and with Bloom & Wild you actually feel like a florist as you get to experience the flower arranging of your chosen bouquet! Presented in a slimline box, the perfect size for fitting through your postbox (no waiting in required) the flowers are neatly displayed in cellophane with a gorgeous gold bow tied around them, it's the little things isn't it? with the larger flowers individually protected by netting. After opening up the flowers and mixing my flower food sachet with water, I got to work arranging my flowers with the tips on the information card which I actually found very therapeutic to do. I love that with these letterbox flowers comes an experience!

I opted for The Quinn bouquet* as I loved the Autumnal Hues, featuring gorgeous orange spray roses, orange carthamus, limonium, burgundy bloom chrysanthemums, kangaroo paw and wheat, this harvest bouquet is simply beautiful and really brought that cosy autumnal feel to our home! The flowers arrive in bud which keeps them safe as they travel and it's lovely to watch them open, this also means that they last longer than your typical store bouquet. They can be enjoyed for 7 days or more if a little TLC is given, simply prepare as instructed on the box, refresh their water every few days and keep them away from radiators, cold draughts and direct sunlight. I have had my bouquet for a week now and although the carthamus are starting to wilt, the chrysanthemums look they still have weeks left in them so I intend on placing these in a smaller vase to enjoy for a little longer once the rest of the bouquet has gone.

If like me, you love having flowers in the house regularly, Bloom & Wild offer a subscription service where you can choose to receive or deliver if your feeling generous, flowers in a weekly, fortnightly or monthly gift bundle for 3, 6 or 12 months and if you really love your flowers, you can choose an on-going subscription.

There is also an app especially for Bloom & Wild, its really simple, easy to navigate and even has a handy occasion app which allows you to enter birthdays, anniversary's and other special dates, it will then give you a reminder before the day to send your flowers, this is perfect for people like me who often forget occasions and then panic buy on the day, I swear I never used to be this unorganised, is baby brain still an excuse after nearly 16 months?!

I love my bouquet and although they are more expensive than your store bought bouquets, ranging from around £20-£50 the beautiful hand selected arrangements and service make them feel extra special for those occasions and I will definitely be using them next time I need to send a bouquet. I may also give Dan a nudge towards The Harper for our anniversary coming up as it is simply beautiful!

Have you enjoyed the Bloom & Wild experience yet?

Love Abbie x

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wishlist Wednesday | Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Wishlist Wednesday | Blush

Pink - the prettiest, girliest, harmonious colour, a colour that somehow makes me happy, a colour that makes me think of romance, lust and love but the right shade of pink, blush pink to be exact. 

I always find myself drawn to blush pink when shopping for underwear, nightwear and accessories and I find it such a complimentary colour that works well for all seasons. Whilst perusing the Next website recently, I found my basket (that one I constantly fill up and delete, please tell me it's not just me?!) filling up with so many items in the same shade.

This scallop edge handbag is the epitome of prettiness, the colour, the shade and the scallop detailing are so sweet and sophisticated, (Dan if your reading this, take note!)

I think finding the perfect knitwear is every girls mission come A/W and these knits are dreamy, I love waterfall cardigans especially as they compliment my figure well and with lace-up detailing being so on trend I had to include this lace back sweater.

Nightwear is my biggest weakness, there's nothing quite like snuggling up in new nightwear and slippers. This pink jersey lace slip reminds me of the kind I buy to wear on holiday, its so girly and is perfect to wear whilst doing your makeup as well as wearing to bed.

What's on your wishlist?

Love Abbie x

Saturday, 15 October 2016

BigJigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set Review

A few days ago I posted a picture of the Bigjigs Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set on my Instagram which we bought for Emme's first birthday and everyone seemed to love it, so I thought that with Christmas very quickly creeping upon us, it was time that I reviewed it!

I adore wooden toys and seem to have made it my mission to ensure Emme has as many wooden toys in her playroom as possible! Although some of the wooden toys that we have bought for Emme are a little too old for her yet, I love that wooden toys grow with your child! Not only that but the quality ensures that they will last for so many years to come and they also encourage your children to use their imagination!

Emme has only recently taken a great interest in her wooden train set but she is already getting so much enjoyment from it and I only hope this will grow as she becomes older and starts to fully understand the toys that she is playing with and learns to use her imagination. I love how Emme gets excited every time I wedge a fairy between the train carriages, that she loves to help push the train over the bridge and she gosters with laughter each time the train falls off the track! Watching her play with wooden toys gives me that warm fuzzy feeling, I guess its because it feels very nostalgic to me, it reminds me of being a child and using my imagination, it makes me feel so proud and it makes us both so happy! If there's one thing I want to encourage Emme to do, it's to become fixated on her toys and not electronics!

Being a train driver Dan was adamant that Emme was having a train set for her first birthday and I thought it was so sweet when he found her this one, he originally wanted to buy her the Bigjigs Fairy Town Train Set but I don't think that she would appreciate that one until she's a little older.

Bigjigs is a family operated business which was founded in June 1985, their mission is to 'deliver quality, safe and affordable products which are responsibly sourced and complement childhood fun, exploration and learning.' They have a variety of amazing toys which encourage creativity and imaginative play, making them a great company to start your child's wooden collection.

The quality of this train set is fantastic, the wood is sturdy, and the pieces fit together well. The designs on the accessories are perfect and it is very easy to put together, even without instructions (i'm pretty good at losing them,) It has so far survived many drops, water spillages and Emme treading all over it, I could not be happier with our purchase.

The Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set consists of 40 pastel play pieces, including a train, two carriages, trees, houses, fairys and toadstools, with additional accessories available to purchase to expand your collection, we will most definitely be expanding Emmes for Christmas, however it is also compatible with most other major wooden railway brands. This train set is for ages 3+ so we only allow Emme to play with this in the presence of either Dan or myself.

You can purchase the Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set here for £22.50 from natural baby shower and if you sign up to their emails, you will recieve 10% off!

Have you tried anything from Bigjigs? Will this be going on your childs Christmas list?

Love Abbie x

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Wishlist Wednesday | Zara baby girl

Zara baby girl wishlist


I'm back with my Wishlist Wednesdays and I'm having way too much fun putting Emme's A/W wardrobe together right now, although we have not long received our latest Zara order, I'm already curating my next collection so I thought I would share my latest findings with you guys!
I actually tried to order this sweet red gingham dress with my last order but all of the sizes were out of stock, cue my order arriving and typically they were all back in stock!
I am obsessed with Zara baby knits, they are super chunky and so well made, with colours that complement the season and the whole wardrobe, so it's no wonder I'm lusting after more, having just ordered two already! Luckily Emme loves them too and actually demanded she wore one this morning, pulling it out of her wardrobe and throwing a tantrum until I figured out what she actually wanted and put it on her! It's so sweet that she's started having an opinion on exactly what she wants to wear, she is such a girly girl and she loves getting dressed, definitely takes after mama, at least the pre-emme mama!

I'm loving the soft neutral tones for autumn with the odd mustard, red and checked item thrown in! Are you having fun putting your little ones A/W wardrobe together? What are your go to shops for toddler clothes?
Love Abbie x

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