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Review | Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 1 Palette...

Makeup Revolution are well known for their dupes of some of the most sought after high end products at a much more affordable price with some of the most popular of their products being dupes of high end brands such as Benefit, Lorac and Too Faced. I have to admit, I wasn't sure about the brand at first, their products seemed too good to be true and I honestly thought they were just cheap copycats, however after seeing so many people raving about the products, I turned to Youtube to see the products in action and see what all the fuss was about. With so many makeup tutorials out there, I soon got lost, spending hours watching them until I finally caved and made an online order after being well and truly convinced.

One of the products that really appealed to me were the eyeshadow palettes, after seeing so many amazing makeup looks and a lot of research, I finally settled on the Iconic Pro 1 Palette which is said to be a fantastic dupe for the Lorac Pro 1 palette. With each colour looking almost identical to the colours in the Lorac Pro palette, there are some absolutely gorgeous colours as I'm sure you can imagine and I am more than pleased with my choice.

 Swatches of the top row

The formula of these eyeshadows is so soft and blendable but what surprised me most is how pigmented they are. Most eyeshadows of this price range look great in the pan but when transferred to the skin they become so sheer that sometimes even building them up doesn't do them any justice, they also tend to have a lot of fall out, take far too much time to blend and don't last more than an hour. With the iconic pro palette, I find there is little to no fallout and they last all day even without a primer, though I like to use a primer with all my eyeshadows to avoid any creasing.

Swatches of the bottom row

The packaging is my kind of packing too, simple yet sophisticated, featuring a plain black casing with gold writing, however this is where I feel the price is reflected as the case looses practicality after a few uses with the mirror no longer being able to stay upright. I did think this could be down to a faulty case, however this has also happened on two of my other palettes. This doesn't actually bother me as I have a large mirror on my vanity table anyway and the eyeshadows themselves more than make up for it, it just means that when travelling, I have to carry an extra mirror around, something to bear in mind if your taking yours travelling too.

I think it's safe to say i've been suckered in by Makeup Revolution and with them constantly bringing out new products, it won't be long before I have a whole collection of their palettes!

Have you tried anything from Makeup Revolution yet?

Love Abbie x

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