Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Pregnancy Post | 38 Week Pregnancy Update...

Today I am 38 weeks + 4 days pregnant and I am so ready for baby girl to arrive! This post is up a tad late so I do apologise, my cousin is over from America and I've been enjoying the sun with my family, always better late than never right?!...

How far along? 38 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? So after thinking baby girl was on her way last week, everything seems to have settled down. I'm still having cramps but I haven't felt any braxton hicks since, that being said, when my midwife was measuring me this week she said I was having a braxton contraction but I couldn't feel it which was wierd but I think it's probably because baby girl is pushed out so far at the moment that my bump is permanently solid so I'm not feeling any contracting or relaxing.

Belly button in or out? Baby girl's bum is sticking out right under my belly button at the moment so it's out most of the time but if she moves, it goes back in. It's both!

Stretch marks? No changes from last week, Luckily I'm still doing well with no stretch marks on my belly, just a few under my breasts and then some on my hips and thighs from a previous weight gain.

Any cravings this week? Still no cravings.

Symptoms: My pelvis has been unbearable again this week, I'm so ready to feel normal again! I had my growth scan last Monday as my midwife thought that baby was small, turns out she was estimated to be 7lb 4 already, please don't get any bigger baby girl! The scan showed everything to be fine and baby's head is very low down so i'm hoping she comes very soon! The position she was in meant we only got to see her belly, foot and top of her skull, I wish we got the chance to see her face but it was amazing to see her again and know that shes happy and healthy.

I still have gigantic feet and hands thanks to swelling, my legs seem to have swollen now too, so standing and walking is becoming pretty painful and none of my shoes fit without great difficulty, I feel pretty whale like!

I've been so emotional this week, I've dropped everything, walked into everything and cried about everything, hormones are so much fun!

Movement: At the beginning of the week baby girl's movements had really reduced so when i went for my scan on Monday and they asked about her movement, we decided to be monitored just to check. Of course she kicked more in that 20 minutes than she had in days and we were so relieved to know she was fine, she continued with her movements when we got home and has been amazing this week! She loves when I sit and talk to her and when I'm in a room full of people she kicks like crazy, if only she realised she just needs to find her way out to join in the conversations! However because this was the second time I had reported reduced movement,the lady who was dealing with me made an appointment for four days before my due date to discuss baby's movement and discuss an induction if they feel i need it. I also have a midwife appointment two days later to discuss having a sweep.

Sleep: This week I have been so tired and have managed to sleep a lot more, I have even been napping during the day, however the sleep i do get is a lot more broken as my back and pelvis hurt when i turn over and my pelvis has started to click too so it's not easy but I feel better for having more sleep.

Missions?  This week I have just been organising, I have rearranged baby girl's whole wardrobe among other things. I have also enjoyed spending time with my family and trying to keep my mind busy in the hope that this last stretch wont drag too much.

This week I am greatful for:  Knowing my baby girl is happy and healthy! Also my family, they've been amazing!

Looking forward to: Baby girl's arrival! Come on little girl!

 I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks update and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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