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Pregnancy Post | 37 Week Pregnancy Update...

37 Week Pregnancy Update, 37 Week Bump,

Today I am 37 weeks + 2 days pregnant and baby girl is now full term! This week we thought she was about to make an appearance...

How far along? 37 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? On Wednesday afternoon my braxton hicks started to become a lot more frequent and this time they were coming with some pretty intense period-like pains, I didn't think much of it as I could handle them but after a 2 hour long conversation on the phone with my mum, yes we can talk for England, she told me to start timing my contractions as she had noticed they were getting a little more frequent. The contractions were coming every 15 minutes or so and when Dan got home I decided to have a shower and get things ready by the door just incase but by 1am they had slowed right down and I managed to fall sleep. Then at 2.30am I woke up shivering uncontrollably from head to toe, I felt ridiculously nauseaus and I also had some pretty strong contractions, the whole thing terrified me so I woke Dan up as I really thought babygirl was on her way. After about 15 minutes I managed to calm the shivering, it was so bizarre as I just couldn't control it, but I wasn't cold. I also started timing my contractions and they were happening every 8-10 minutes and lasting 1-1.5 minutes but the hospital likes them to be a lot more frequent before you ring so I just had to ride it out. Dan fell back to sleep as soon as he could see I could handle it and the contractions continued as they were until 8am...then they decided to stop completely! I kept waiting for them to come back but apart from a few random ones, they just didn't come back like they were and I'm still waiting in frustration. I told the midwife when she came on Friday and she was as confused as me, she said it isn't normal for that to have happened like it did but it does happen, she also couldn't understand the shaking as I don't have any signs of anything else and my temperature was perfect, I guess it was just one of those things!

Belly button in or out? It's almost an outy! yes, this actually excites me! You can actually see it through my clothes now and it's pretty much 90% out because baby girl loves her new position under my belly button and she doesn't seem to want to move.

Stretch marks? No changes from last week, Luckily I'm still doing well with no stretch marks on my belly, just a few under my breasts and then some on my hips and thighs from a previous weight gain.

Any cravings this week? Still no cravings.

Symptoms: My pelvis has probably been at it's worst this week, baby girl is so far down, at least I think she is, and the pressure is unbearable. The pressure in my pelvis along with my SPD is just a match made in hell and I have been finding it so hard to sleep, as I'm awake every half an hour in pain because I need to turn over due to being so uncomfortable. Walking, especially up and downstairs, is becoming really painful too and the housework...well that just hasn't been done! Luckily Dan's really good with keeping on top of things and my lovely mum has offered to come and clean through for me too so I don't have to worry. I still have gigantic feet and hands thanks to swelling, but I've gotten pretty used to it now and I've been so irritable, I don't know how Dan had kept his cool with me! He seriously has the patience of a saint, I'm forever snapping and then apologising, I'm trying not to but I just can't help feeling so frustrated about everything, I hope it passes soon, I'm even starting to wind myself up with it!

Movement: Baby girl has mostly been good this week but she seems to have gotten herself stuck in one position and I really have to focus on her movements to feel her. What she does like to do however is stretch so far out that I can barely move/sit as my belly is way too tight, she does this 90% of the time and this has become worse since the episode on Wednesday so I think she's running out of room.

The midwife came on Saturday and was really struggling to find her whole positioning, she thinks her head is almost fully engaged and her bum is in front of my belly button with her legs sat under my ribs but she couldn't be certain. Baby girl is also measuring 3 weeks under and falls just off the line on her chart so I've been booked in for a growth and position scan on Monday to check that she's ok, I am a little worried about this as she has been measuring a little under for around 2 weeks now but my midwife said she isn't worried and is sure it's just because she's dropped so much, so hopefully it'll just be a nice little chance to see her again before she arrives.

Sleep: This week I have barely slept, Missy's positioning and my pelvic pain makes it near on impossible.

Missions?  This week I have had no choice but to slow down so I've mostly been relaxing, I'm enjoying it while I still can!

This week I am greatful for: Such a loving and supportive family!

Looking forward to: Baby girl's arrival of course!

This week has been so bizarre, I can't wait to meet our baby girl and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that our scan tomorrow goes well!

 I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks update and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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