Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Pregnancy Post | 35 Week Pregnancy Update...

Today I am 35 weeks + 4 days pregnant and this week has just flown by!

Apologies for the late update, I seriously don't know where this week has gone but the picture was
taken at 35 weeks + 1 Day and this post will be based on last week only.

How far along? 35 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? I've finally started getting braxton hicks!!! How amazing is that?! They have been pretty regular too. I've also had a lot of period like cramps and baby's head is in in now my pelvis, she's only 1/5 engaged but the midwife was really happy with that and her positioning.

Belly button in or out? It's so close but I've finally given up on waiting for my belly button to become an outy! Yes, I actually wanted one, I'm sad I know.

Stretch marks? No changes from last week, Luckily I'm still doing well with no stretch marks on my belly, just a few under my breasts and then some on my hips and thighs from a previous weight gain.

Any cravings this week? Still no 'I need this now' kind of cravings but I have been really fancying chocolate cake and desserts again this week.

Symptoms: This week my pelvis has been really painful, it's started to stiffen up during the night making it hard and very painful for me to roll over, I have to hold onto both the bed and the wardrobe just to turn over and I turn over a hell of lot as I'm never comfortable. One morning last week, it was that painful that when I stepped out of bed, I fell to the floor, it felt like my pelvis just couldn't support me, luckily once I'm up and about, my pelvis eases and I'm ok, I just have to walk around holding onto everything until it eases enough to support me alone.

I explained last week about my hands and feet swelling pretty bad and they haven't really gone down, I only have to be on my feet five minutes and my ankles disappear. My hands can't deal with the texting and they really struggle with typing too, I've even had to take my engagement ring off, but my midwife isn't overly concerned about this as I have no other symptoms relating to pre-eclampsia, which is when swelling becomes a concern. Fingers crossed it settles soon but from what I can gather, it's pretty common at this stage of pregnancy.

Movement: Baby girl has been good this week, she has been her usual active self which has been so nice and she seems pretty content in there.

Sleep: This week I have still been averaging around 3-5 hours sleep each night, I cannot go to sleep until the early hours and I wake pretty early too so I've been pretty tired. I've finally come to accept the fact that I will never sleep the way I used to, I've always been an 8-10 hours kinda girl who has daytime naps and can fall asleep on the sofa by 10pm but I could not be further away from that right now, I guess at least my body will be a little prepared for when baby girl is finally here.

Missions?  This week I didn't have a mission, as much as I had plenty to do, I had to rest my feet as much as possible, so I guess reducing my swelling was my biggest achievement this week.

This week I am greatful for: how well my midwife appointment went, the checks for pre-eclampsia were fine which really put my mind at ease about mine and baby girls' health.

Looking forward to: Our baby girl's arrival, I am so ready for her now, I just can't wait until she's full term and then bring on the labour!

This week has flown by to say I spent most of it on the sofa with my feet up, I finally started taking Raspberry leaf tea and I have actually started dreaming about baby girls arrival, I am seriously so excited. I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks update and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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