Monday, 1 June 2015

Pregnancy Post | 34 Week Pregnancy Update...

Today I am 34 weeks + 3 days along the most amazing journey I have been through! 

How far along? 34 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? I think baby girl is starting to prepare herself as I've had a lot of cramping this week and she seems to have dropped slightly, still no braxton hicks though.

Belly button in or out? It seems to get a little closer to being an out each week but I don't actually think it will pop out now. Surely if it was going to, it would have done so by now?!

Stretch marks? Luckily I'm still  doing well with no stretch marks on my belly, just a few under my breasts and then some on my hips and thighs from a previous weight gain.

Any cravings this week? Still no cravings.

Symptoms: This week, although I have been pretty happy, I have had quite a few symptoms making me feel a little worse for wear. Getting cramp in my legs, mainly my right leg is becoming a little frustrating, especially when I wake myself up by jumping out of bed to stretch my leg, talk about rude awakening! Losing my mind has been a big problem! Forgetting everything mid sentence, forgetting the task in hand and moving on to the next task to late realise I never finished the first, mixing sentences up and not making any sense but not being able to put the sentence right and just generally frustrating myself because I just cannot think what I was about to do or say.

I also had a day of severe nausea and stomach cramps, which I think from a little research may have been due to baby girl dropping a little, luckily this only lasted one day. I experienced heartburn for the first time which felt a little bizarre but again only lasted one day.

My biggest problem this week however has been swelling, both my hands and feet have been swelling and it's really been quite painful, meaning that I haven't been able to a great deal other than sit and watch tv. It hurts too much to use my hands sometimes and being on my feet for more than half an hour causes pain and swelling so I end up sat back down with my legs elevated and ice. I hate that it affects my hands as writing blog posts has become a little tougher, leaving me behind schedule on some of the things I have planned. I have notified the hospital about this but so far they are not concerned.

How I am still happy this week, I do not not know!

Movement: Baby girl has been really good this week, she's pretty much stuck to her pattern which has kept me at ease and she's really starting to make me giggle with some of the things she does, sitting down a lot means I have been able to focus on her movements and I could literally sit and watch her all day.

Sleep: This week I have been averaging around 3-5 hours sleep each night, I cannot go to sleep until the early hours and I wake pretty early too so I've been pretty tired.

Missions?  This week's mission was to help with my baby shower, my mum decided to throw me a baby shower this Sunday 31st and being as though I was just sat around all week, I helped with ideas via pinterest. I loved helping as it kept me occupied and gave me something to focus on other than my health issues, keeping me happy and I had such an amazing day!

This week I am greatful for: Having such amazing family and friends!

Looking forward to: Our baby girl's arrival, in just under three weeks she will be full term and we cannot wait to meet her!

This week has been a very mixed one but missy's kicks along with the baby shower kept me going and I had the most amazing day! I have the most amazing friends and family and one very lucky and very loved little girl! I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks update and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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