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Review | Leakey Collection Marula Oil...

I'm sure you've all heard of Argan Oil right?! If not, where have you been?! Argan oil has been big on the beauty scene for so long now with the oil being used in everything from haircare to skincare products and of course in it's purest form too, but have you heard of Marula oil? 

This is a new discovery for me, but I have to say, I only wish I had discovered it sooner! I was asked to review The Leakey Collection Pure Marula Oil* by John Paul Selects however being pregnant I can no longer just agree to review products like facial oils without checking they are safe for me to use first, as unfortunately a lot of oils are best avoiding during pregnancy due to their possible side effects. I was so pleased when they got back to me and told me that it was perfectly safe to use during pregnancy and that in fact the oils properties were fantastic to use on stretchmarks, I bet you can guess why my bottle is going down pretty quickly already?!

With 50% more antioxidants than Argan oil or grapeseed oil, rich in omega 9 and omega fatty acids, Marula oil provides better absorption, longer lasting hydration and improved skin elasticity, aiding skin protection from environmental factors which contribute towards wrinkles and premature ageing. 

This lightweight oil absorbs quickly into the skin, meaning that there is no greasiness left behind like many other oils, this to me is an essential quality in an oil as it makes things quicker for me, which in return encourages me to use an oil more often, resulting in better looking skin. This also makes the oil perfect to use as a primer as it preps and hydrates the skin, without any grease lurking on your skin and leaves a smoother surface to apply your makeup on. Since using this oil on my face, I have been so much happier with my skin, my acne has reduced so much, leaving my skin soothed and with no inflammation or redness. To apply I simply cleanse and rinse, leaving my face and neck slightly damp I then apply three to five drops of Marula oil into the palms of my hands and press gently into my skin in place of my daily moisturiser.

What I have really been loving using this oil for however, is my stretch marks, or should I say keeping stretchmarks at bay. I am currently 31 weeks pregnant and I have been using this oil now for around four to five weeks, I  have always had extremely dry skin on my body however so far, I have been lucky enough not to gain any stretch marks on my belly, I have some on my hips and thighs from a previous weight gain but the skin on my belly is so far being kind. I am under no illusion that products alone will prevent stretch marks as I think genetics also play a part, however the key to getting as few stretch marks as possible is hydration and this oil is the perfect product to aid this. I apply this in a morning after my shower, gently pressing into the skin all over my belly and a little on my hips, I would lather my body in it but this would be pretty costly! I love how whenever I feel my bump during the day, my skin is so silky smooth, there is no grease or oil left behind,  just silky soft skin and I honestly think this has been doing an amazing job on my bump.

This oil may be stated as a 'facial oil' however it is so versatile and has so many uses, it can be used:
  • alone
  • as a moisturiser on face, neck, hands and body
  • in place of a makeup primer
  • added into skincare products for an elasticity boost
  • to soothe sore skin, such as sunburn
  • as a hair oil

The packaging of this product really adds to the luxury of this oil, with a brown glass bottle and glass pipette, this really does feel glamorous on your dressing table.

With only 99% pure Marula oil and 1% essential oil blend this product is suitable for all skin types. 

You can buy Leakey Collection Pure Marula Facial Oil 30ml* for  £37.50 at John Paul Selects £37.50 at Holland and Barrett and $78 at Sephora

Have you tried Marula Oil yet?


Abbie x

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* gifted pr sample, please see disclaimer

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