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Pregnancy post | 33 Week Pregnancy Update...

33 Weeks pregnant, 33 week pregnancy update

Today I am 33 weeks + 1 day Pregnant meaning that in just under four weeks, baby girl will be full term, how crazy is that?!

How far along? 33 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? Still none yet, I haven't even experienced Braxton Contractions but baby girl is head down so I'm hoping she's preparing herself.

Belly button in or out? So far its still in but it seems to get a little closer to being an outy each week.

Stretch marks? So far I'm doing well with no stretch marks on my belly though I have started to notice some underneath my breast on both sides.

Any cravings this week? Still no cravings, though I have become a little obsessed with salted caramel, i'm talking chocolate, ice cream and even salted caramel hot chocolate, every time me and Dan see a new salted caramel anything, we both do a little happy dance and pick it straight up, no questions asked.

Symptoms: The bandage supports are amazing for my back and belly, I feel I can do so much more now and even though the pain is still there, it isn't stopping me doing anything which is so nice. This week I had a day where I had an area of pain just on the underside of my right breast, it was super painful all day and night and I was actually quite worried. The next morning I woke up and had leaked quite a lot more than usual, tmi! but the pain and pressure had actually gone, so I'm guessing this could have been a blocked milk duct but I will mention it to my breast feeding support worker next time I see her just to be sure.

Movement: So this week we took a trip to the hospital after I had experienced reduced movements, Missy often goes quiet after an active week but this time she was far too quiet for my liking. One day earlier on in the week I'd had quite a busy day and towards the evening I realised I hadn't actually noticed her move, I tried the usual cold fizzy drink, chocolate, laying on my left side etc but I still wasn't getting any movement. After texting Dan and worrying, I decided to have some ice cream and after about 10 minutes, I started to notice a little movement, she then became fairly active for about an hour so I decided to just keep an eye on her and wait until the morning. The next day we had to pop out so I got up, got ready and went out but by the time we came home I realised she really hadn't moved much at all, so with Dan having to work that evening I decided to give the advice line a call before he went and see what they thought and they told me to come straight in. After about an hours wait, we finally went in to be monitored and Missy decided it was time to play, within 10 minutes she met the criteria and I was told to go home, I was so relieved! To be honest the midwife made me feel a little silly, saying that next time I need to do all the checks before I come in, that she's bigger now so she won't move as much etc and that my anterior placenta will cushion my movements, luckily mine actually doesn't, I found the way she said this quite patronising, I'm sure it's just what she has to say and that maybe I was just being daft but of course I had taken all of that into consideration before going, if I hadn't I would have been to see them plenty of times before and this was the first time I had ever bothered them. I don't regret going up and I don't care if Missy made me look daft, speaking to others, it would seem this is usually how it goes, but it got her moving and it put my mind at rest, she's been really active since and I'm so glad that my baby girl is ok. I know that reduced movement isn't something to take lightly and I wouldn't hesitate to go again, I would rather look like a hypochondriac and know my girl is safe than worry about bothering people and her life be put at risk, after all they deal with it day in, day out so they're used to it.

Sleep: This week I haven't been able to get to sleep until the early hours, I've been full of energy all evening and I was even baking cookie dough at gone 10pm one night, however I just cannot seem to get up in a morning, I've been overlaying and I hate overlaying, so I would say my energy levels definitely peak later on it the day.

Missions?  This week's mission was to try and get more blog posts written, I have so many ideas and I want to do more beauty posts, after all that is what this blog had always been about, but I just have baby on the brain and  no matter how hard I try, unless it's about pregnancy or my little girl, I just cannot write, the words just won't come out, so I guess that will be the mission for the coming week too, I WILL get more blog posts written!

This week I am greatful for: Knowing Missy is happy and healthy, despite her quiet time

Looking forward to: spending a few days off with Dan

This week has just flown by so i'm looking forward to a free week this week, catching up on ironing, yes I actually said that and I hate ironing but it needs to be done. I also want to sort out my pyjama drawer and get rid of all the ones that are too short for me or I don't wear as I can't close the drawer without forcing them all back in, I definitely think the nesting is back! I hope you enjoyed reading this weeks update and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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