Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pregnancy Post | 30 Week Pregnancy Update...

Today I am 30 weeks+1 day Pregnant, how quick has that gone?! I so happy to finally be on the ten week countdown and cannot wait for our little girl to be here!

With just 10 weeks left until my due date, I really wanted to blog the last ten-ish weeks, I will post on a Saturday which will make me the current week plus one day when I post. I have tried to write so many pregnancy updates along the way but each time, I have found them just so rambly and I didn't want to bore you guys with them, so I have decided to structure my posts for these next ten or so weeks.

How far along? 30 weeks

Gender? Girl

Labour signs? None yet

Belly button in or out? So far in, but it is looking like it may pop out anytime soon!

Stretch marks? So far I am lucky enough not to have any stretch marks on my belly, I have them in other areas due to weight gain a few years ago but my belly is still clear, fingers crossed. I have been making sure I put oil or cream on every day to keep my skin hydrated which I think has helped a fair bit. I have been using both Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks and Leakey Collection Pure Marula Facial Oil * yup, you read that right, I have been using a facial oil on my big old tum!

Any cravings this week? Everyone goes on about all the crazy cravings they have when they are pregnant and everyone is always asking me what mine are, but honestly, I don't really get any! In my first trimester I craved sausage rolls and ate more than I care to admit but honestly, I haven't really had any since. I do fancy sweet foods like cake and chocolate quite often but I was the same before I was pregnant and I wouldn't say it's a craving because it's not something I need right there and then, I just find myself eating it quite often if it's in the cupboards.

Symptoms: This week my usual symptoms have been far more bearable which I have been so thankful for! One symptom that has come back though is heaving at foods, this symptom comes and goes, if I smell a food that doesn't smell good to me I will heave and if I find something in my food like fat in meat or a lump in my yoghurt, I will heave like crazy, so.... that's been kind of awkward! With Missy getting so much bigger now I have also found that I often feel a little uncomfortable in the evening when I sit down, by belly is so big and Missy takes up so much room in there, that I often feel a little suffocated, like my belly is squishing me a little and I find it harder to breath, I can only imagine how much this feeling will increase over the next ten weeks!

Movement: Missy has been sitting on my left hip all week, or at least that's what it feels like, meaning I have to lean a certain way and walking can be uncomfortable on that side, which doesn't help the waddle! At the beginning of the week, Missy decided to change her pattern completely and go really quiet during the day but as soon as I got in bed at night, she would start wriggling and kicking and I barely slept for three nights, luckily she's now back to her usual pattern now and has been so active these past few days! Some days she will be active for hours on end and it doesn't feel like she ever stops, which I absolutely love! I love that she has been a really active baby most of the way through as it helps me to feel reassured, I have an anterior placenta so I wasn't sure how much movement I would actually get and it would appear that I'm actually quite lucky, I just hate it when she goes even a little bit quiet! She feels so strong right now and likes to creates ripples/waves across my belly which are so fun to watch! She also pushes herself so far out sometimes that it actually quite hurts, but I still love when she does it and can't complain one bit about that kind of pain.

Mood:This week I have actually been pretty happy, my back pain has eased slightly, I have had plenty of energy and I have been nesting! I have been up at 5am every morning this week with Dan going to work at this time and rather than sitting around first thing, meaning I get nothing done, I have been getting up, getting ready straight away and doing all the housework, usually most of it is done by 8/9am and then I sit down to chill. I have to say, getting up at 5am has been great for me, it has lifted my mood as it means that I have been far more organised and still have plenty of time to do things I actually want to do, I think I could get used to this, if it wasn't for Dan's shifts being so irregular.

Sleep: I have found that I haven't needed much sleep just lately, with Dan being on days I have been far more relaxed at night so I have been able to sleep pretty well, when Missy has let me, but 6/7 hours has been plenty of sleep for me whereas before I was pregnant I would need at least 8/9 to function. 

Missions? I have found that throughout my pregnancy I have often had a 'mission' each week or so that I eat, sleep and breath until it's done! This weeks has been mine and baby's hospital bags, to some of you this may be a little early to sort but I would rather be prepared! I have watched countless Youtube videos. read a ton of blog posts and trawled through websites to make a list of exactly what I need! Who knew it could be so hard to decide on a changing bag?! I have finally started buying and packing, which has put my mind at ease slightly, but I know I won't rest until they are done and by the door!

This week I am greatful for: Being able to feel how strong Missy is with her movements and kicks & having less problematic symptoms.

Looking forward to: Lots of cuddles and kisses with our baby girl!

Ok so that was still quite rambly, I do apologise but I hope you enjoyed reading it and if you too are writing bump updates, please leave your link in the comment below, I would love to read them!


Abbie x

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