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Nursery Haul Ft Achica...

Achica Haul, Cloud B Sleep Sheep, Clair De Lune, Pababo Night Light,

Achica is one of those online websites that soon becomes addictive to browse, they describe themselves as a 'members-only, online lifestyle store offering desirable brands at exceptional prices.' Signing up is free and on doing so you can choose whether to receive a daily or weekly email giving you access to exclusive promotions ahead of everyone else. Working with various different brands, Achica offer a wide range of products from beauty to baby clothes, furniture and so much more at up to 70% off RRP. Unlike other online stores, Achica's offers and promotions are constantly changing, with new promotions launching daily at 6.30am, so if you see something you want, you have to be quick. So I'm sure you can imagine the struggle I had in choosing something when Achica so kindly offered me a voucher to spend at their online store! There were so many things I could have chosen but having recently decorated our baby girl's nursery, I decided to chose a few items to go in there.

I knew I wanted a night light in the nursery for feeding but I often find night lights a little too gearish, so I knew I wanted something a little more simple and this egg shaped white nightlight with protruding star from Pabobo is perfect. It's a wall mounted night light so I don't need to find a place for it and can move it around if I choose to move the nursery around, luckily that room has quite a few plugs, more than needed if you ask me. I love that this night light is automatic allowing you to leave in plugged in and switched on, the night light then comes on when it gets dark, just remember to turn it off when you go on holiday.

Clair De Lune Pink Fitted Cot Sheets (pack of 2) £11.50*

Clair De Lune are a popular brand among baby products and I already have a couple of pieces from their collection. I have some plain cot sheets for the nursery but have been after some pink ones too so I was pretty happy when I found these at Achica for nearly half the price that Argos charge (£19.99) I love that these sheets are fitted as they tuck nice and tightly under the cot mattress which I'm hoping means that even if baby likes to wriggle in the night they will stay in place. 

Unfortunately these are no longer available at Achica but you can purchase them for a similar price here

Set of 12 Butterfly 3D Wall Decorations | White £6 and Pink £6*

 I like to keep walls and floors simple and add in vibrancy with accessories so of course we kept this theme with the nursery too. We decided we wanted to add a feature to a wall but after the previous owners of our house left wall decals which took far too long to get off, we decided against wall decals and had been looking instead at 3D butterflies so I was excited to see these on the Achica website. I opted for one white and one pink pack as I didn't want too much colour and wasn't sure if the pink would be the right shade for the room but they seem to go perfectly, I love how these are so easy to stick on and stay on so well but are also easy to take off, leaving no residue behind. Keep an eye out for my Nursery tour to see them in place.

 Unfortunately these are no longer available at Achica but you can purchase some similar here.

Everyone loves this sleep sheep toy, we've had so many compliments on it when people have come round to look at the nursery and I can only hope baby girl loves it too. I actually wanted to go for the Cloud B Glow Cuddles Bunny which has a soothing light in the centre and a soothing heart sound but with us having already decided on the Pabobo night light and Dan favouring the sheep, I gave in and ordered this one instead. This compact version of the original sleep sheep has a velcro strap which allows you to attach it to the pram or car seat which is perfect for travel. It also includes four soothing sounds to help baby sleep and has a handy timer which allows you to set it at either 23 or 45 minutes which is great for bedtime and handy if you forget to turn it off.

Achica do take a little longer with delivery than other online stores with mine taking a little over 3 weeks to arrive however their customer service is fantastic and if yours is taking a little longer than expected a quick email to them is all it takes and they're fantastic at sorting out any issues.

Have you discovered Achica yet?


Abbie x

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