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Jica Lash Extensions

Unfortunately I am not one of those lucky women who was blessed with gorgeous long lashes at birth, instead I envy those who are and am on a constant search for products that will help enhance my shorties.

Jica Lash Extensions £13.95*

Jica Lash is a product made from natural lash fibers, which when used in addition to your usual mascara creates the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. I have tried lash fibers in the past and although I love the illusion they can create, I usually find that the fibers have a lot of fall out and irritate my eyes in the process, therefore I find them more of a hindrance than a help.

Jica Lash Extension Wand

The thing that sets Jica Lash apart from it's competitors is that because the fibers are natural plant fibers, they instantly dissolve upon contact with the eyes. I find that upon application there is a fair amount of fallout, however I find that if I blink a few times, the fallout dissolves, therefore the irritation only occurs for a few seconds and there is no further fallout throughout the day. This can get a little messy but it does brush away easily, to help getting as little on your face as possible, I would recommend that you apply the fibers looking down into a mirror, therefore the fibers will fall onto the mirror rather than your cheeks. I also find that where some lash fibers are designed to work with a specific mascara, the Jica Lash Extensions works with any of my everyday mascaras, allowing me to create different results with each different mascara.

To apply Jica Lash Extensions, you simply apply one coat for your chosen mascara, apply the lash fibers using a rolling motion whilst the mascara is still wet and then apply another coast of mascara on top to seal them in and repeat as desired. I do find that one application is sufficient for my desired results and if I apply more, I have to be careful with how much I apply as the product can soon start to look a little clumpy.

If like me, you don't have thick long lashes but hate fiddling around with falsies, I would recommend trying the Jica Lash Extensions, they make a great alternative for everyday use, are easy to apply and remove easily with your everyday makeup remover, they also last for 4 months when used daily making them far cheaper than your regular lash products.

If you do fancy trying this product outI have very kindly been given a code for you guys to receive a free mini sample of Nail Magic Cuticle Oil with your order, simply enter NMC01 at the checkout, this code expires May 1st 2015.

Have you tried Jica Lash Extensions yet?


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* This product was gifted to me for reviewing purposes, however all opinions are my own and are in no way influenced, please see my full disclaimer here for more information.

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