Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Pregnancy Post | 10 Things Nobody Tells You About Pregnancy...

10 things nobody tells you about pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing thing but there are plenty of things that nobody tells you about, baby will literally take over your life and your mind! Here's 10 of the strangest things I have done/do throughout the duration of my pregnancy so far:

1. You will spend hours on end trawling through the internet looking for things to buy your little one without ever having had the intention to - You'll start with food shopping and end up on baby bottles five hours later with no food shopping done at all.

2. You will lose sleep due to the baby shopping keeping you permanently switched on - 3am? Forget sleep! Deciding which pram is more practical will keep you wide awake.

3. No matter how tired you are, if baby is kicking, you will want to stay awake until they stop - and when they do, you'll no longer be tired.

4. Waking up at 4.30am and spending the next 3 hours searching pinterest for nursery decor is completely normal - and a regular occurrence.

5. The smell, texture and look of certain foods can have you heaving within seconds - slightly awkward when sat in a restaurant.

6. So your clothes are getting far too tight and your in desperate need of some maternity clothes - but baby needs that adorably expensive outfit and blanket, so you'll make do with your clothes for another month and treat the baby instead.

7. No matter what name you choose for your baby, people will always have an opinion, someone will always dislike it and nobody will ever be afraid to tell you - if you wanted their opinion, you'd ask for it right?!

8. You will get fed up of people telling you what you should do, what you shouldn't do and how careful you should be - it's a shopping bag, not a freaking boulder!!

9. You will get all sorts of new aches and pains you never thought possible - and you will feel sorry for yourself the whole time!

10. You will be deep in conversation with your friend/mum/partner and completely lose your train of thought right in the middle of a sentence - without ever remembering what you wanted to say!

what crazy things have you done throuhout your pregnancy that nobody told you about?


Abbie x

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