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Flint + Flint Skincare Review...

Flint + Flint Skincare

Last month Beauty Crowd very kindly sent me a couple of products from the brand Flint + Flint, a unique skincare brand, sourced and made right here in England. Being a lover of all things skincare, I couldn't wait to try them out!

Flint + Flint have an array of skincare that are simple, yet effective and affordable, made using quality active ingredients and designed to be used by everyone. The brand are so confident that their products will work, that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you aren't completely satisfied, you get your money back! Simply return the product in the original packaging with ten days of placing your order.

Flint + Flint Skincare

The first thing that struck me about the products was the packaging, I love how vibrant the colours are and the uniqueness of the packaging, the way the neon colour shows through the plus symbols and I love that these are unisex products, meaning that Dan can also use them and yes he delved straight in too!

Being six months pregnant, I now try to be more careful about what I put on my skin, so of course I researched the products beforehand and was happy to discover that all flint + Flint products are perfectly safe to use during pregnancy, though do check with your doctor first, if you have any concerns.

The Flint + Flint everyday wash is a gentle, everyday, foaming cleanser that is simple, yet effective! There isn't really a scent to this product and it is so simple to use, which means that Dan enjoys using it too. The consistency is quite thin and a little goes a long way, so you only need to a small amount, just be careful when squeezing it out, the first time I used it, the floor got a good wash too! The everyday wash removes makeup with ease and it's really been helping to clear my skin and keep my spots at bay, it leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh, as well as feeling soft and comforted. The company also suggest that this wash can be used on other areas of the body too, so I have been using it on my back and chest as I am also prone to spots in these areas and I have seen such a difference, especially on my back since using it, I'm finally waving good bye to my spots and hello to summer ready skin!

Flint + Flint Exfoliator 2x £30*

For me, when it comes to exfoliators, I like to feel the scrub! More often than not, exfoliators are just a little too gentle and barely do a thing for my skin. I have a lot of spots under my skin that need something a little more abrasive and this exfoliator is exactly the product I have been looking for! This dual action cleanser exfoliates without damaging the skin and helps to remove the build up of dry and dead skin cells. I don't often like exfoliators but this one has become a firm favourite in my skincare regime, after using this twice per week for four weeks, I have found that it has really helped to reduce my spots and leaves my skin feeling baby soft, whilst looking brighter and much more radiant.

If your looking for products that are affordable and give results, leaving your skin clearer, smoother and more radiant, then I would highly recommend checking out Flint + Flint. I have my eye on their spf primer next, have you tried anything from the brand?

Danielle Lloyd became the face of the brand this month and there is £10 off welcome gift on their website now, valid until May 3rd.


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