Thursday, 26 February 2015

Pregnancy Post | Anomaly Scan and Gender Reveal...

boy or girl

On Tuesday, at 20 weeks and 4 days pregnant, we attended our anomoly scan. All the way through my pregnancy I have been fairly relaxed about everything with just the odd worry here and there,  I had already had three scans at 5 weeks, 7 weeks and 13 weeks but for each one I didn't really give them too much of a thought, I just didn't really worry. Whether I had bonded with baby more come this scan or what I'm not sure but I have never been so nervous about something in my life! The night before I was so so excited but at the same time so nervous, I barely slept all night, waking every hour or so, I just couldn't stop thinking about how the scan would go, after all this has to be the biggest scan throughout pregnancy, with the anomoly scan checking that baby has everything in place, whether or not everything is the correct size and if everything is functioning as it should.

At the beginning of the pregnancy I didn't want to know baby's gender, I wanted a surprise but Dan wanted to find out and I started to come round to the idea as soon as I realised that there are only so many gender neutral items that you can buy, and I wanted to shop! Come Tuesday, I was so excited to find out the gender, I don't know why I ever considered not finding out, I'm far too impatient and with Dan being adamant he wanted to know, I would have caved soon enough anyway.

The one thing I hate about the scans are having to drink so much water, I always leave it until half an hour before and then down as much water as I can on the way to the hospital and in the waiting room as I have such a small bladder anyway and I know that I'll be desperate to wee before I even go in if not. We arrived for our scan ten minutes early and ended up waiting half an hour before going in, which of course, made me even more nervous, so going into the room, my heart was already beating through my chest! The sonographer was so lovely, she was the best one I've had and explained everything she could throughout which kept me at ease. When baby first appeared on the screen, they didn't appear to be moving and straight away I panicked, I'm guessing baby was asleep as they then wriggled the whole way through the scan, making it hard for the sonographer to do the checks. It was amazing to see baby move, stretch and turn over when I was asked to tap my belly! The sonographer had to come back to both the heart and brain twice as baby kept moving and she spent the most time assessing these, which is when she had to concentrate and be quiet, which is pretty daunting, luckily everything seemed to be perfect. 

Boy or Girl?

The sonographer saw the gender straight away and checked three times before telling us, at first I thought we were having a girl but at around 12 weeks I started to think that baby was a boy as I was drawn to everything for boys. Me and Dan have been so convinced that we had a boys name, ideas for a baby boys nursery and had already chosen so many boys clothes that we were going to go back and buy. The majority of our family and friends were convinced we were having a boy too, with only my dad and a few friends convinced we were having a girl. As long as baby was happy and healthy we really didn't have a preference of gender.

It turns out that Dan will now officially be outnumbered when our little princess arrives! I've already warned him with a little girl that his wallet is about to get a whole lot emptier and I think he immediately felt a little outnumbered, the majority of his family are male, as straight after the scan he took me to pets at home and tried to convince me he needed dwarf hamsters, so far I've managed to sway him away from them. We are both so happy and excited that we are having a healthy baby girl and I swear I love her a million times more now I know she's a she and no longer just 'baby'. I have become even more baby obsessed and have already done some 'pink' shopping, I'm constantly online researching everything about her and for her and we cannot wait for her arrival!

Did you guess correctly?

Love Abbie x

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