Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Wishlist Wednesday | Office...

With the likes of Pinterest and Polyvore being my main boredom buster, I always have endless wishlists made from seasonal fashion to blog layouts and home decor, I can only dream about the endless aesthetics of life and how I wish my makeup collection/ wardrobe/ home looked like (insert celebrity/blogger name here) as I always want what I haven't got, but that's part of being human, right?! So I figured a new series on my blog was needed and what could be more fitting that a Wishlist Wednesday post? It's a reason for me to swoon over things and compile lists when I probably shouldn't be and it will hopefully give you guys a little insight into my taste and a little inspiration of your own...

So if you didn't already know, me and Dan are in the process of buying our first home! Eeeeek, I think it's safe to say I'm very excited and the buying has already begun. With no children yet and three bedrooms to peruse, me and Dan have decided to have a little room of our own each while we still have the privilege and mine will of course be an office/ wardrobe/ makeup room, it's not that big but I can dream. Being as though house decor is now permanently on the agenda and wishlists right now, I thought I would show you a few pieces I want in said office/ wardrobe/ makeup room.

I'm going for a very minimalist approach, using white interior to allow me to incorporate colour later with accessories. Ikea has become my go to place for this theme as everything is to my taste and who doesn't love a good bargain?!

I also have the MALM chest of six drawers that I bought a while back and I intend to put in the room, I store my makeup and jewellery in this, though I fear I could need another as the drawers are prettttty full already. The walls are magnolia with a fuscia feature wall, I am undecided whether to paint this magnolia too or not yet and the carpet is cream, so it's pretty neutral already. I want some wicker baskets to put in a few of the squares of the KALLAX shelving unit and a rail for my clothes. I also want some pictures or art work for the walls and a book shelf, again it's not that big, but if I can fit it in, I will.

This is just my latest idea, we're not looking to move in for a couple of month's yet so my idea could completely change by the time we're in. We're off for our second viewing tomorrow to measure up so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it all goes through!

Do you make endless wishlists too? 


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