Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wishlist Wednesday: Next A/W Staples...

Whist browsing the Next website for homeware, which has become my latest obsession due to it being the only type of shopping I can get away with doing, I couldn't help but sneakily peak at their latest A/W collection. I'm trying to aim for more of a capsule wardrobe at the moment with mainly timeless key pieces and the odd braver option for when I'm feeling a little daring. 

When looking through my wardrobe I realised I don't actually have a single white shirt! I want one that is classic yet casual and this one looks perfect for teaming with everything from jeans to trousers and skirts for all occasions. It would look perfect with these leather trousers. I have always loved these but have never had the confidence to wear them, however since I've lost weight I've been lusting after a pair and these ones look perfect.

I like to have a new Winter coat every year, I might not always need one, but I think I do it because growing up, this is what my Nan would always buy me around Christmas time and I have just carried on the tradition ever since. This year I have had my eye on this gorgeous pink waterfall coat, I've been lusting after it for a while now, it's just so pretty and is so on trend with the colour, style and material. As well as a new coat, I always like to have a new pair of Boots and these ones really caught my eye. I love a good Chelsea boot and I always buy black boots so this year I've decided I want to go for a tan or brown boot to mix up my outfits a little.

And of course, I couldn't look through all the clothes and not take a peek at the bags too, I love this style of bag, it's very similar to the ever famous Celine bags and I love that this is a mini version as I'm always losing things as the majority of my bags are big.

What are you lusting after right now?


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