Thursday, 18 September 2014

Review | Dream Dots For Spots...

I never got spots as a teenager, if I'm honest I always felt abnormal for not having spots during my school years, everyone else around me had them but at the time I just didn't realise how lucky I was! My skin has seriously made up for it in the past few years though and over the past few weeks in particular my face has constantly been covered in spots, with every type of spot there is making an ugly appearance. It has really knocked my confidence and no matter what I use my make up doesn't seem to cover them all, so when the opportunity rose to review Dream Dots, I couldn't have been more enthusiastic!

Dream Dots are an innovative, no ingredient necessary, natural, vegan and cruelty free overnight treatment patch for spots. Designed to be slept in, so as not to disturb your daily make up routine, you simply apply these patches to cleansed yet aggravated spots, leave overnight, remove in the morning and repeat until happy with the results. They've certainly painted the perfect picture for this product but do they actually work?!

After your night time cleanse, simply tear a dream dot off of the strip, tear off half of the backing paper, see photo 2 above and apply directly to half of the spot, then carefully peel the rest of the backing paper off as you press the dot down ensuring the spot is fully covered, climb into bed and sleep whilst your spot heals, it's that simple! The good thing about these Dots is that they adhere to the skin so well, ensuring that they stay on through the night receiving the full benefits. After 6-10 hours, remove the dot, easing gently off the skin by ensuring all the edges are loosened first before easing off completely to help avoid scarring. The beauty of these dots is that they make the spot and redness surrounding it almost invisible so if you wanted to wear these during the day, say your going out that night and need to reduce a troublesome spot fast, just pop one of these on whilst you go about your day and remove before getting ready.

These have been my saviour over the past couple of weeks, I have been sleeping in these on work nights and I've had them on during the day when I have been off work as I find they work well  both ways, it just depends what I'm doing. I have found that these take three to four nights for those painful, under the skin spots kind of spots but with most, they can be almost gone in two nights. Dream Dots are really gentle on the skin, reduce redness dramatically and they actually reduce the pain I get from spots, not to mention how much they stop me picking at them. I'm not sure how well these would work on acne spots however I would recommend keeping a stash of these in your drawer for those times when you really need that spot to go ASAP!

Have you tried Dream Dots yet?


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