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Is Fitwear the New Loungewear Featuring ILU Fitwear...

I don't know about you, but the last thing I feel like doing when I get home from a long day at work, is styling an outfit to wear for the evening. Whether I have to go out to meet my friends for a catch up, nip to the shops or walk the dog, I simply want something comfortable and easy to wear, that takes no effort at all to put together and my go to clothes just lately are always my fitness clothes, as they are just so darn comfy and much more acceptable than pyjamas!

I'm a big fan of yoga and I find that taking a class at least once a week can help me to reduce my anxiety levels and it can also help me to sleep better. When attending a yoga class, the fit wear I choose is really important to me, as some of the positions you carry out require a lot of bending and therefore clothes that fit correctly are an essential, as I don't want them to reveal any more skin than they need to, nobody wants to see a builders bum now do they?! Another important factor for me is that they also need to be suitable for me to pop to the shops in before or after my yoga class and to chill out in, as once I put them on, I usually stay in them for as long as possible!

'Ilu is a fitwear range exclusively for women. Women who want to look and feel good, with a lifestyle which blurs the lines between exercise times, everyday times and fun times. Women who want to look good and feel good, whether in their workout clothes out for a run, shopping and a coffee with friends, or even going out in killer heels for a glam night out.'

I love ILU Fitwear's concept as I feel that fitness is becoming more widely accepted as a way of life rather than the 'chore' it can often be seen as and therefore fitwear is as commonly seen as a jeans and t-shirt combo. The company kindly sent me a pair of their ILU Signature Bootcut Leggings* to try out for my weekly yoga sessions and I have to say they are seriously comfy, 'made with the softest Italian fabric' these have an almost velvety, silky feel to the leggings, I really can chill out in these all day long and they're great for when I get my blogging head on and I just want to chill in something that won't restrict my legs and allow me to move freely, jeans just don't cut it for blogging in.

With a 'pert bottom design and tummy flattening waist band' these leggings are designed to flatter your figure, although they are stated as a legging, I feel they are more along the lines of a dance pant, as they flare at the bottom, which is quite a different style for me. These wash really well and don't shrink or lose their soft fabric feel, which is always important to me in fitwear and loungewear as there is nothing worse than your comfiest pair of trousers shrinking and/or becoming uncomfortable.

Unfortunately these do have to be restricted to at-home lounge wear only for me, as they only come in one length, which being 5ft 10 did become a problem for me. The leggings sit quite low on my hips, which means that any head to knee poses leads to them dropping even lower on my hips than they should do, resulting in me feeling uncomfortable when wearing them out and about. They also come quite short on my legs, which because of the flare really shows how short they are on me, I feel that if these were a fitted style legging, it probably wouldn't be as noticeable or matter as much. However I didn't want to just dismiss these leggings as too short, I'm just super tall and therefore I accept the fact that although these are too short on me, they most likely won't be the same on everyone, so I gave them to my mum to put to the test too as she is only 5ft 5in, I know, I get my height from my Dad!

So here's my mum's verdict...

'The fabric is seriously soft, making them great for everyday, fitwear and loungewear. I would advise going up a size as they are very figure hugging and because of this factor, although they fit perfectly on the legs, they come up a little big around the waist meaning that they don't quite hold me in as well as I had hoped. They fit perfectly for me as I am an average 5ft 5in however I feel they could come up short on anyone above my height.'

Overall these trousers are the perfect option for transitioning between fitness and lounging around in and are great for those of you ladies 5ft 5in or below, however myself and my mum both feel that with an option of lengths and a tight fit structured style legging rather than a flare, these would be suitable for a wider variety of ladies.

The ILU Signature Bootcut Leggings are currently in the sale for £13.99 so if these sound like your kind of fitwear/ loungewear I would advise snapping them up now before they are gone. Also Check out the rest of ILU's range over at they have some gorgeous pieces!


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