Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Introducing Autumn/Winter...

I'm a real comfort and cosy kinda girl at heart, I love nothing more than snuggling in my pajamas, with a blanket, hot water bottle and a cuppa whist being surrounded by the scent of my favourite candle. So with the weather dropping slightly colder already and the coming seasons fashion already surrounding us in shops, blogs and magazines, I couldn't be more excited for Autumn/Winter to arrive. I decided to pull together my A/W favourites...

Candles and Lighting...

Snowflake cookie and Christmas Cookie have to be my favourite scents by Yankee Candles come A/W as they almost cure my sweet tooth cravings for all things sugary with their sickly sweet scent. Yankee Candles are the best for filling the room with that oh so familiar scent and making even the biggest room seem cosy and comforting. I know the candle in the picture isn't a Yankee Candle as mine are at their last wicks! Keeping with the light theme, I love to see fairy lights draped across a mirror or bed, when a room is lit solely by fairy lights and candle light, I find it super relaxing to unwind in before bed.


A/W fashion is my favourite, I've never been a confident person so baring all in dresses and shorts is my biggest nightmare come summer. Chunky knits, leggings and oversized coats however, I love! I always wear a scarf in summer as a sort of comfort blanket for when i'm walking alone, if I forget my scarf I feel so self-conscious, so a big chunky knit and coat for the colder month's really put me at ease.

Faux fur is one of my favourite A/W textures, be it a rug, blanket, bag or waistcoat, faux fur just screams soft and comfy for me. It looks gorgeous used in the right way and it's so soothing and warm to wrap up in.

Pajamas are my biggest weakness, there's something about having a shower, pampering with face and hair masks and then getting into a pair of new pajamas that just instantly lifts my mood. I find it hard to get long pajamas to fit, with me being so tall, after a few washes they're no use to me, but Primark have a certain style pajamas, I'm sure you all know the ones, they're super stretchy material, they never shrink and they always bring new designs out in the same fabric. So whenever they bring out a new pair, I usually buy them, as they're the only one's that last me.


I like to switch my makeup up come A/W swapping coral lips for deeper reds and dark rose pink lips whilst swapping brightly coloured eyeshadows for dark smokey eyes and adding in some duskier pink and plum blushers. The eyeliner gets darker and I usually skip the bronzer all together, though I've been loving my bronzer lately, so we'll see how that works out.

Winter Warmers (Food and Drink) ...

Developing IBS really hit me hard when I realised I couldn't drink my regular hot drinks, tea, coffee and hot chocolate were written straight off my diet so I had to find substitutes as having a cuppa is like breathing air to me - essential! Fruit and herbal teas along with my version of a hot chocolate are my pick me up's come A/W. Twinings are the best for tea and my favourites have to be peppermint, cherry and cinnamon, camomile and honey and their digest tea for when I've overindulged. I always use hot drinks to warm me through after long country walks, watching Dan play football or a freezing cold day at work.

There's something so comforting about sitting in a conservatory listening to the rain whilst eating home made soup and crusty bread. I love making my own home made soup at this time of year, as well as making cupcakes to go with my cuppas and Daniel's Nana makes the best home made stew. I'm a complete comfort foodie!

I was thinking of doing a series of posts for Autumn/Winter like my favourite A/W Makeup - lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushers etc and my favourite A/W Fashion - maybe incorporating fashion into my wishlists such as shoes, coats, accessories etc, let me know what you think.

What are your favourite things about Autumn/Winter?


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