Monday, 7 July 2014


Shirt - Primark - £12
Shorts - River Island 
Sliders - Primark - £5
Bag - Primark - £6
Necklace - Pilgrim
Bracelets - River Island & Primark
Watch - DKNY

Sliders are pretty ugly shoes aren't they? the kind of shoes that remind me of my Nan, but I also think they're kind of cool, worn the right way. I wanted a pair of the real Birkenstocks however I just don't know if I would actually wear them that much, so I headed to Primark for a cheap pair to test run first.

I decided to opt for these denim shorts, which I bought six years ago from River Island, they have always been my 'inspiration' shorts that whenever I put weight on, I keep to motivate me, this time two years ago I was two stone heavier than I am now and I aimed to get back in these, with a big push from my IBS, I got back in them! I love how distressed they are and they never seem to outdate, it'll take a lot to let go of these! With the weather changing it's mind every five minutes, good old England, I decided to team them with my black shirt, as I get chilly on my top half a lot quicker, I just rolled up the sleeves to keep the look casual.

Think look is a little different for me, however I've spent countless hours on Pinterest and Instagram looking for inspiration, where do you look for outfit inspiration?


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