Monday, 21 July 2014

Bourjois Volume 1 seconde Mascara...

It's not often that I will completely fall in love with a mascara and It's not often that I really stick to just one, unless it really knocks me off my feet! When I bought the Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara, I didn't even need a new one, it was just another case of being sucked in by the hype and the pretty displays so much, that I simply couldn't resist!

Bourjois are a company that I have always had a love for, as a teenager, I always lusted after their products, but my pocket money never quite cut it, as soon as I gained a full time job, Bourjois quickly became the brand I would save my money for. Aside from their ridiculously pretty and chic packaging, which my eyes are instantly drawn to, like a magpie to a coin, the thing I love most about Bourjois is that they are constantly bringing out new products which are so on point with the current trends and their products always work!

At £9.99 I do feel this is bordering on a little expensive for a 'drugstore' product, aren't they all? so I was hoping and praying that it would be worth the hype and pennies! With a 'unique brush' containing 'spherical bristles to wrap every lash in a 360° motion and straight bristles to create clump free definition' aiming to create length and volume in just one second, Bourjois are promising quite a lot, but have they ticked all the boxes?

You know the saying 'love at first sight' well this was a pretty similar kind of thing, I instantly fell in love with the packaging, simple yet sophisticated with a chrome base, almost fluorescent peach writing with an easy to grip handle and I fell in love with this product after my very first application! I have never loved using a mascara as much as this one, don't get me wrong, I've tried some amazing ones that I love using but I've never found one that I haven't wanted to put down, until now!

Although this is advertised as a volumizing mascara, I have never seen my lashes look so long until I applied this. I apply one coat from root to tip to lengthen my lashes, repeating on the other eye, I then come back to the first eye and apply another coat in a zig-zag motion from root to tip, which volumizes the lashes without any clumps whatsoever. Yes, I know this is a 1 second mascara, and a coat on each lash can be done quickly to achieve great lashes, but I like to take time with my application to build up the length and volume equally and to it's full potential, my eyelashes are non-existent *sobs* so cut me a little slack please. Although I don't actually know how long this is supposed to last, I usually get around eight hours before I get any fall out and even when I do, the fallout is very minimal and I don't get it after every application so I don't mind. Aside from the fallout, the length and volume are kept until I remove it, I haven't experienced any smudging whatsoever and I have found that a simple cleansing oil will remove this with ease. This mascara also comes in a waterproof version, which is perfect if your going on holiday!

So the verdict is....

Volume: Check
Length: Check
Little to no fall out: Check
Great lasting power: Check

I would give this mascara full marks, I am completely head over heels for this little number and although being a beauty blogger means that I will try other mascaras out, it's in my nature, I know this will be one of those products that I will always come back to. Could this become a new part of my new holy grail collection? watch this space!

Have you tried Bourjois's latest offering yet?


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