Monday, 9 June 2014

Date night...

(please excuse the pictures, they were spontaneous and therefore taken on an iphone, not my camera)

Dress - Primark - £8 - Current season
Kimono - Asos - £22 - Current Season
Mini Satchel - River Island
Sandals - Primark - Last season

This Saturday night me and Dan decided to go on a date night, with me having IBS and severe Anxiety, this doesn't happen often and this isn't an easy task for me, to just go out and have a meal is a big deal but I get fed up of letting it stop me, so I just sucked it up, got ready and went out.

I decided to put this printed dress on from Primark, it's such an easy dress to wear and it can be worn loose and floaty or tied in at the waist with a belt like I've done here. The thing I love most, is that it's long enough for me and I don't have to feel like my bum is peeking out! I paired it with my new Asos kimono, which I am in love with, a light weight chiffon see through kimono which looks great paired with pretty much anything. It's easy to throw on in case it get's chilly and it folds up small enough to fit in any bag if it's too hot.

We decided to go to Pizza hut, as we both love pizza but I only allow myself to have it on a Saturday night as I have the next two days to recover. I had an individual stuffed crust pizza with spinach, cherry tomatoes, ham and mozzarella with a small glass of Pinot Grigio, I shouldn't have had any of it and yes I'm still paying for it, but I don't regret it, not one bit! I actually had a lovely night, I didn't have an attack of any sort, nor did I want to leave. We chatted until we had nothing left to say, laughed until we cried and just really enjoyed the night which I am so so proud of myself for doing! This is a massive achievement for me as I haven't been able to do something like this in years and even though I spent the rest of the night in agony, I'm so glad I did it.

Baby steps lead to great things!

What did you get up to this weekend?


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