Monday, 30 June 2014

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Black Buckled Sandals Primark (Last Year)
Necklace Next (Last Year)
Watch Michael Kors

Would you believe me if I told you my hair was curly when I left the house?! I can't believe how miserable the weather has been this past few days but the rest of the week is looking up, so fingers crossed! It would appear that I have developed a little bit of an obsession with monochrome at the moment, it particular monochrome stripes, what can I say? They go with everything! I've also been lusting after white jeans for a while and these ones from Asos are just my type, high waisted (more high rise,) stretchy and available in a range of lengths, which is great for us tall people and those of you who are petite! We're not all one size ya know?!

I've really been enjoying dabbling in a bit of fashion blogging, though it's hard transitioning from writing essays on beauty products to just a paragraph or two on my outfit.

How do you think I'm getting on?
 Should I continue?


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