Tuesday, 6 May 2014


When the opportunity arose to take part in the #Ultrabondchallenge with Amazing PR and Nouveau Lashes, I couldn't have been more excited! I love the way a set of lashes can transform your face completely and open even the smallest eyes! Ok, so I can't put them on, but I saw it as an incentive to learn?! If I have to do something for myself I give up fairly easily, but when someone else is involved I'm usually pretty determined! 

The #Ultrabond challenge required participating bloggers to apply the lashes Friday evenin gusing the Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive and keep them on throughout the May Day bank holiday, removing them on the Sunday evening! We were sent the most beautiful package around two weeks ago and it arrived on a day that I was off work ill, so it really made my day! I'm a sucker for packaging and this white box got me super excited, it is so elegant and has a gorgeous  ribbon that ties it closed, inside the box we received the Ultrabond Strip Lash Adhesive and a set of Nouveau Lashes Collection 1 Style 3 in order to complete the challenge. The aim of the challenge was to see review the Lash Adhesive, which aims to give longer lasting wear and see how well it stayed put throughout our fun filled weekends!

Friday ...

 I actually went round to my mums after work and asked her to put the lashes on for me as shes pretty amazing at it, we had a laugh with the glue as at first it came out in blobs and was pretty much all over the lashes, turns out it sometimes needs a little shake! The lashes were pretty straight forward to put on and once we were happy, I headed home to get my makeup up on ready to go out. I decided to go all out on the eyes and do a full smokey eye look, big mistake! I poked myself, yes, poked myself in the eye with my mascara wand and ruined my whole face of makeup! Just for the record, my day had already gone as possibly wrong as it could have, so I wasn't surprised! I took my makeup off and when i wiped my makeup off, unfortunately my lashes came with it, it wasn't looking too promising for me, however I applied my lashes, this time by myself and I was surprised to find they were really simple to put on, even for me! I didn't have to cut them to size, they were pretty spot on and I ensured that I only applied a thin layer of glue to the lash strip, I then timed two minutes on my phone and ensured the glue had gone tacky before applying the first lash, repeating each step I applied the second. I was surprised how easily I could place them close to the lash line without getting glue actually in my eyes, yep, been there, done that! I then reapplied my makeup and headed off out for a meal and a few drinks.When I arrived home I removed my makeup gently, ensuring I used a non-oily makeup remover - the Garnier Micellar Water and then continued with my skincare routine before heading to bed.

Saturday ...

 I woke up, rubbed my eyes, as you do, and then realised that I had lashes on, I quickly jumped up to see if they had come off and was surprised to see they were still perfect, even after I'd just rubbed the hell outta them! I was seriously impressed! I then applied my makeup ready for my day at work, working Saturday's is not my favourite part about my job that's for sure! A colleague at work actually commented on the how much she loved my new 'mascara' we then had a chuckle when I told her they were actually lashes and she was surprised how natural they looked. When I arrived home my lashes were still perfect, I removed my makeup, had a shower, washed my hair and the lashes still survived! I then reapplied my makeup, got ready and headed back out.


I woke up and realised that my makeup was still on, I must have been tired, and I realised that I must have slept face down as both lashes were curled up at the sides. I removed my makeup, carried out my skincare routine, reapplied my makeup and got ready to go shopping to Meadowhall for the day. After an extremely long, tiring, trip in which I cried all the way home, I'm detoxing and emotional, my lashes still survived! Around 8pm, I decided to take my final picture before removing my makeup and having an early night, the lashes were curled at the edges, but the glue has ensured they were still perfectly in place and they weren't even lifting one little bit. I didn't have to reapply any glue and if I didn't have such sensitive eyes I would have kept them on for a little bit longer, but I like to take them off if I don't need to have them on as my eyes always get a little itchy.

I am seriously impressed with Ultrabond Lash Strip Adhesive, this would be perfect for festivals, pool parties and holidays for those times when you need your lashes to look good for that bit longer. It is amazing strong, keeping lashes on for longer yet so gentle on the skin, I would recommend both the adhesive and the lashes 100% I thoroughly enjoyed taking the #Ultrabondchallenge and it has encouraged me to wear lashes more, I've already bought some more for my next night out!

Would you find the lash adhesive a great addition to your makeup bag?

Thank you Amazing PR and Nouveau Lashes!


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