Monday, 28 April 2014

Nail Envy

If you follow my blog regularly you'll know that I don't often wear regular nail polish because I usually have gel polish or extensions on my nails. However a few weeks back my nails started to become really weak, they have never grown past the ends of my fingers and they have always peeled, but this time they were splitting straight down the middle and peeling so far down that they really hurt. I took my Gelish off and underneath my nails were paper thin, red and sore, I'm not sure if this was my nails way of telling me they needed a break from the Gelish, I have had either Gelish or Extensions on continuously since last summer, or whether it's because I've been ill lately and my body just doesn't have the nourishment it needs to keep them strong.

I knew that I had to try something to get them back in order as a few days without anything and they were only getting worse! The first thing that came to mind was OPI Nail Envy, so many of my customers rave about it, so I thought it was time I tried out their recommendation. There are six formulas in the Nail Envy collection, each one to suit a particular need - original, matte, dry & brittle, maintenance, soft and thin and sensitive and peeling, which is the one I opted for due to the state that my nails were in.

I don't know why, but even on recommendation I just was't expecting a great deal from this! I've used plenty of nail strengtheners before and they've all been about as much use as a UV polish without a lamp, not much use at all! 

Formaldehyde-free, this nail strengthener protects nails from peeling whilst the vitamin E, kukul nut oil and aloe vera soothes the nails from any sensitivities. Used on the natural nail, initially you apply two coats to the nail and then apply another coat every other day, I do sometimes apply this more often, whether it helps or not I'm not sure but I'm sure it won't harm you if you do. One thing I have learnt is to work quickly as it becomes tacky during application if you work a little too slow. It does dry pretty quickly too, but like any other nail varnish be a little more cautious for a few hours just to be safe from smudges.

I wish I'd have taken before pictures to show you just how good the results are, if I ever damage my nails to that extent again I will be sure to photograph it - blogger problems! Within seconds of putting this product on, by some miracle, the redness of my nails had almost completely disappeared, I actually had to question the girl I work with on this, as I'd shown her how bad my nails were just before I applied the product, but she too was pretty much amazed! After two weeks of using this my nails are so much better, they still have a way to go, they're not long by any means but there is no redness in sight, my split is almost grown out and they look healthier than they ever have before! So if you have any nail concerns and need a little help, I would definitely recommend checking out the OPI Nail Envy collection!

Have you tried OPI Nail Envy before? What were your thoughts?


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