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miamoo travel goodies

miamoo is a company created by Saira Khan, who you may remember from the very first season of The Apprentice, Saira worked on building miamoo, after suffering from years of dry skin. Whilst at university, Saira decided to research the ingredients in products that claimed to soften and smooth skin, among many other claims, which she found out to in fact be far from the truth! Saira soon learned that most companies only care about their profit and not your skin, that a product isn't always natural even though it says so on the label and that sensitized skin can actually be a cause of all these so called products. This drove Saira to come up with her own answer to sensitized skin and miamoo was born! 

When the opportunity arose to try out the miamoo travel goodies set, I was really excited! Although the products are aimed more towards mother and babies, with the products being 98-100% natural they're great for sensitive skin too! One thing that is stressed in particular with this kit is that you follow the three step routine - cleanse, moisturise and massage in order to receive the full benefits of the products. 

The kit I received is perfect for your travels, each bottle is within flying restrictions, is perfect to fit in your handbag and includes: 

splashy wash 30ml
fresh locks shampoo 30ml
huggy lotion 30ml
cheeky cream 10ml
spritz and wipe 30ml
baba oil 30ml

The first step within the miamoo skincare routine is to cleanse...

I start by using the spritz and wipe on a cotton pad to remove my makeup, infused with limewater, bitter orange and minerals, this smells amazing, makes your skin feel so soft and is perfect for freshening up on the go. This removes my makeup so well but it also helps to freshen up my makeup throughout the day, when I feel that my makeup is starting to look a little dull and cakey mid-afternoon, I simply spritz all over my face and pat any creases gently with my ring finger to reveal smoother looking skin. This is definitely one of my favourite products from the pack.

splashy wash 200ml £6

Once I've removed my makeup, I ensure that I use my splashy wash and the cloth provided to thoroughly cleanse my face to ensure all traces of makeup and dirt are removed. What I love most about the miamoo products is that I can use them on my face and not worry about them stinging my eyes, which shows how super gentle they are. For an exfoliating wash I use the splashy wash with my cleansing brush on the exfoliate setting to ensure any dead skin is removed, this leaves my skin feeling really smooth and fresh, I aim to do this once a week.  I then use the splashy wash in the shower to cleanse my body, again if I want to exfoliate I use this with my cleansing brush using the body brush head to get rid of any dry patches, paying particular attention to my knees, elbows and ankles.

fresh locks shampoo is a 3-in-1 product that can be used on the face, body and hair, this isn't dissimilar to the splashy wash in my opinion, as they are both a similar runny consistency, lather well and can be used for multiple purposes, however they do have a slightly different scent and the fresh locks shampoo can be used on the hair too. If being used as a shampoo, I think this would be better suited to babies or someone with fine hair, unfortunately as my hair is long, thick, dry and coloured I found that my hair didn't lather too well with this product and I had to use another, that being said it makes an amazing body wash and my latest discovery, I found that it is perfect for washing my makeup brushes with as it leaves them smelling gorgeous and leaves them super soft too, I always love to use baby shampoos on my makeup brushes as I find they are gentle and don't damage the brushes, so this one is perfect and I will be sure to use it again!

Next step, moisturise....

huggy lotion is the perfect everyday moisturiser, it is a lightweight lotion which absorbs into the skin quickly, making it perfect for use after your morning shower, as you don't need to wait for it to absorb before you get dressed for work. Again it smells seriously good, makes the skin baby soft and can actually be used as a base for makeup or simply pop in your handbag to use as a hand cream throughout the day.

What I love about cheeky cream is that it is a thicker cream which can be used as a barrier for problem areas, this is the only one I don't find to have much of a scent but that doesn't bother me as the product works so well. This can be popped in your handbag to use when you need to treat dry hands, flaky skin and any itches or sores throughout the day. I actually have a dry patch on the front of both of my feet, which leans towards the outside and is just to the right of my ankle, they are severely dry and actually go really dark in the summer making them stand out and making me feel self-conscious. I've had them since I was a kid and have no idea what they are or where they came from, but I have been using cheeky cream to try and soften them which so far is working pretty well, I'm aiming to use this every evening in order to make them soft and smooth ready for summer, fingers crossed I'll be able to wear sandals this summer without having to worry about the dreaded patches. I actually think that miamoo should sell this in small pots alone as well as the squeezy tube because it's the perfect handbag companion.

Last step, Massage...

Ok so I won't lie, I was actually hesitant to use this oil at first, I'm not sure if this needed shaking beforehand but the first time I swatched it on my hands, it just didn't really give off a scent, and being a qualified aromatherapist, I like my oils to have a scent that either lifts me or relaxes me, so I'll admit I'm guilty, I just popped it in my drawer for a few days, without much of a thought. I did however get it back out on Friday to give it another whirl and I was pleasantly surprised. I have been alternating between this and the huggy lotion, which I use in a morning and then I whip the baba oil out in the evening. I simply massage this in all over my body after my bath or shower in the evening, allowing the lavender and almond scent to sooth and relax me whilst I unwind before bed.

The biggest test for me and the reason I was so excited to try out the miamoo products is my longstanding problem with constantly irritated legs. Whenever I have a shower or bath and especially after shaving, my legs become an itching nightmare, I develop small bumps under the skin, all over my calf and they itch so bad that I scratch them until they bleed, even then I continue to itch them, making them really sore and they just end up looking a complete mess! I'm actually really happy as I've found that using the splashy wash, followed by baba oil on my legs in the evening really soothes them, they still itch a little between stepping out of the shower and putting the oil on, however if i can resist the initial itch for long enough, these products eventually begin to soothe it and keep the itch at bay, goodbye itchy spots and bruises, hello summer legs!

Overall I love these products, I think my favourite product has to be the baba oil purely because it soothes my itching legs, but I really love them all  and can't wait till payday so that I can order the spritz and wipe and baba oil in full size. I think that the range is perfect for mother and babies, but don't just discard them because they aren't aimed directly towards you, if they're gentle enough for babies, they will be perfect for all skin types and I'm actually really surprised at how affordable the products are considering they are 98-100% natural, each product is either just £5 or £6 and the travel set comes in at just £15, what's not to love?!

miamoo have also given you lovely lot a treat with 10% off at when you use the code Blog13. This applies to full priced items only and can be redeemed by entering the code at the checkout! Happy shopping! 


*This product was girfted to me however any opinions given are always my own.

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