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Sheer Cover Studio #makeitmineral Challenge

When the opportunity to take the #makeitmineral challenge with Sheer Cover Studio arose, I couldn't wait to get stuck in! I was challenged by Ellie from Sparkle Pr to replace all of my everyday makeup for 7 days and only use the Sheer Cover Studio products provided, with the exception of eyebrow palettes/pencils and lip products, as the company do not sell these, in order to see if I would become a mineral makeup convert.

I've heard good reviews about Sheer Cover Studio in the past and my mum's friend swears by it, so I was extremely excited to see if it lived up to it's name! I have to admit at first I just couldn't get to grips with the products, I couldn't quite put my finger on why, but I just didn't get on with the products, there was no problem with them, they did what they were intended to do, but I didn't enjoy using them, little did I know how much they would grow on me...

Conceal & Brighten Trio - Medium/Tan - Concealer 3g - Brightener 0.7g

After thoroughly cleansing and moisturising, concealing and highlighting are the first steps within the set. There are two colours of concealer that you can mix together to create a colour that best suits your skin tone to conceal. I also found that I could use the lighter colour underneath my eyes, to brighten and reduce any eye bags, whilst using the darker colour to contour and using the highlighter on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose to highlight. I found that dabbing the concealer and highlighter onto the skin was the best method as the warmth of your fingers helps to melt the product in order to blend in to your skin with ease.

Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation - Medium - 4g - SPF15

I've never been too interested in mineral foundations as I've never thought them to be great coverage for skin like mine which is prone to spots, however having an oily T-zone means that I always rely on powders to keep shine at bay. This mineral powder foundation promises big things, including fantastic coverage which will not only cover spots but also birth marks and pigmentation of the skin. I find that this foundation is super quick and easy to apply, you simply tap the powder into the lid and then apply with the foundation brush provided. I dab the powder on, like you would a regular powder, but then i go back over with a little more product and swirl it into the skin in circular motions to ensure that it gets into all the creases. 

The first time i applied this foundation I thought it was too yellow for my skin tone and was immediately disappointed, however I noticed later on in the day that this seemed to have settled and I actually had comments of how natural my makeup looked, from both family and work colleagues. Intrigued by this I later checked out the leaflet provided with my kit once again, and realised that the foundation has something called Trueshade Technonolgy which enables the powder to adapt to not only the colour of your skin but lighting conditions too, which means you will have flawless skin under any light.

Sun Kissed Bronzing Minerals - 4.5g

I love that the bronzing minerals consist of three waves of colour, which allow you to use them altogether or separately. For a daytime look I will swirl them all together with the bronzing brush provided and apply them to my cheek as I would apply blusher. For n evening look I will use the darkest colour to contour, the lightest colour to highlight and then swirl them together to use on the apples of my cheeks. 

I also doubled up and used this as an eyeshadow, using the middle colour swept all over the lid, the darkest colour blended into the crease and the lightest colour to highlight the inner corners of my eyes, under my brow bone and the middle of the lid.

Lengthening Mascara - Black - 8.5ml & Lash Extending Fibers - 0.5g

I won't lie, the first time I used this duo, I hated it, I had never used lash fibers before and I ended up with them in my eye, not advisable! However I attempted them again the next day and realised that by applying one coat of mascara, 1 coat of lash fibres, to the ends only, not root to tip as I had first thought, and another 1-2 layers of mascara, depending on the look you desired, that I could create natural looking long lashes without the use of false lashes. The only thing this mascara doesn't do is thicken the lashes, however I tend to use this mascara for day so I don't mind this aspect.

As I was asked to be innovative with this kit, I decided to double up with the mascara by also using it as an eyeliner. I simply dabbed the wand on the back of my hand to distribute the product and then placed a small angled brush into the product and created a winged line along the bottom of my eyelid, as you would your usual eyeliner. I have to say although I found out this product does not work well on the waterline, I found out the hard way, this doesn't budge whilst on the eyelid. It was easy to use, albeit you have to work quickly with it, and it stays put until you remove it, which for a girl like me who is constantly touching my face and rubbing my eyes, is fantastic.

Concealer, Foundation and Bronzing Brushes

I love that this kit comes with a set of brushes as it makes it simple for those who don't own makeup brushes and/or are unfamiliar with the correct brushes to use with products, I've recently come to the realisation that not everybody owns/uses makeup brushes. These brushes are a little scratchy on the skin and do shed hair occasionally, however these are a free gift worth over £50 that are included in the set as an added bonus, so taking that into consideration I think these brushes are pretty fab! I love how sleek they look, 

Here are the results:




As much as I hate to put up pictures of my naked face, I have to say I think these pictures show the effects of the Sheer Cover makeup very well. I have a very uneven skin tone with quite a bit of pigmentation and plenty of spot scars from my teenage years, all of which I hate, but I was pleasantly surprised to see how well the Sheer Cover makeup covered these and made my skin look quite flawless. I have purposely not edited any of these photos so that you could see the true results, I've not even edited the lighting, and I love to brighten my photos up!

I finished my 7 day challenge last Sunday, however I decided not to put my review up straight away, as I wanted to see how I felt and reacted when going back to my usual makeup routine. I have to say that after just a few days I found myself reaching for the Sheer Cover kit, as it is just so quick and simple, and lets face it, who wouldn't rather have that extra time in bed in a morning?

What I really like about this makeup is that you don't feel like your wearing any, I hate to feel cakey makeup on my skin, but this is light and soft and allows your skin to breathe. I wouldn't recommend it for people with extremely dry skin as I feel that the product is fairly dry and may stick to any dry areas, however I have quite oily skin, with the odd dry patch so it works quite well for me. I do have to carry my powder with me, as my skin is extremely oily at the moment and it needs the occasional touch up, but this seems to be the case with anything right now.

I adore this make up, however I think deep down I'm too beauty obsessed with make up to convert to mineral makeup full time, but for everyday make up to wear to work, I think it's fair to say I'm hooked!

The Sheer Cover Studio Introductory Kit £29.95 is available in four shades - Light, medium, Tan and Dark from www.sheercover.co.uk

Have you tried Sheer Cover yet? What do you think to it?


*gifted pr sample


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