Monday, 10 March 2014

Sale Haul

Whilst waiting for my sister to finish work last week, I popped into New Look with no intentions of buying anything, just browsing to pass time. However I didn't realise they had a sale on or I would have stayed well clear! Here's what I picked up...

The first thing I spotted was this cream knitted jumper, which is super cosy and perfect for lounging around in. I'm forever buying 'dressy clothes' but have nowhere to wear them and my wardrobe is really lacking in 'everyday clothes' so I picked this up to wear on my days off paired with leggings or jeans.

I then spotted this gorgeous two-in-one dress, I have seen a couple in Topshop in this style that I absolutely loved but just couldn't justify spending the money on, so when I found this in the normal section, non-sale, with £10 off making it £9.99 I couldn't resist, online it's a penny more. The picture really doesn't do it enough justice, it has a gorgeous black and white geo print top half which is super soft and a plain black bottom half which is a little sheer so I pair it with thick tights or leggings.

Then I spotted this gorgeous monochrome top, which will look perfect with high waisted leggings or tucked into a high waisted skirt. It's described as t-shirt online but It's more like shirt material so it can be dressed up or down.

Dress Was £65 now £15 Topshop (no longer available online)

I then headed into to Topshop to have a sneak peak at the sale racks and found this gorgeous dress from the Topshop Exclusive Collection. I saw it weeks ago and loved it, but had nowhere to wear it so passed up the opportunity, however this time around I was looking for a dress to wear out for my friends birthday and at just £15 I thought why not. It's so pretty and such a unique shape, it is something that I think will stay a classic in my wardrobe for a long time to come and from £65 down to £15 and being the last one on the rail, I knew I couldn't leave it this time around.

Wedges £10 Primark

The last place I headed to was Primark and I picked up these Wedges for just £10 which is such a bargain, with me being so tall, I hate wearing heels, especially because me and Dan are the same height, give or take half an inch. Therefore when I wear heels I'm always taller than him, so I don't have much practice walking in heels, and it's not easy to master, at least not to me. So a wedge of this height is perfect for me, as although I'll still be taller than Dan, they won't make me half a foot taller than him, and I can walk in them! Bonus! Primark also have them in a nude colour which are amazing, and I think I will go back and purchase them some time soon but for now I needed the black pair in my life.

So there's my mini haul, I know the wedges weren't in the sale but I thought I'd throw them in anyway! Have you been shopping recently? What did you buy?


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