Sunday, 9 March 2014

MUA Heaven and Earth Palette

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MUA is one of those brands that I have to admit, I have been a little snobbish about in the past. When I first saw the brand in Superdrug a few years back, it just looked a little cheap and tacky to me, but I have to hold my hands up and say ' you should never judge a book by it's cover!'. When I started getting into beauty blogs and Youtube videos, my opinion started to become swayed as I started to see that there was people who in fact loved their products and I eventually gave in and bought my first products from them in 2012 - see post here .

 I have to admit there are a few products that I have tried from MUA that I don't get on with, but I think it's pretty much the same with every brand, as products won't suit all skin types and we all have different tastes! However their prices are very purse friendly and therefore they are worth a try even if they don't turn out to be what you expected, you never know what you might end up loving.

The first eyeshadow palette I bought from MUA was the 'Undressed' palette, and I have to say this gave me high hopes for the other palettes too! This palette was pretty amazing, I have hit pan on most of the colours and I will most probably end up repurchasing it.

So when I saw Daniella from Freshly Pressed Beauty, pop over to her blog and check her out if you haven't already! post a picture of the Heaven and Earth Palette a few weeks back, I knew this had to be my next palette from the brand. With a mixture of light, medium and dark warm toned nudes, this palette is perfect for everyday! I usually pick 3 colours from the palette, a light, medium and dark as shown in the picture above and I place shade 1 all over my lid, shade two in the crease and shade 3 in the middle of my lid as well as the inner corners of my eyes. The only thing that I wish MUA palette's had is names or numbers for the individual eyeshadows in order to identify them, as I do sometimes forget which eyeshadows I usually use. 

I have had so many compliments when I wear colours from this palette, which surprises me, because as much as I love my MAC eyeshadows, nobody seems to notice when I wear them, yet they do with this palette! Which just goes to show the price of a product doesn't determine it's quality!

The pigment of these colours is seriously amazing for a palette of this price, you hardly have to pack any on to see that your wearing it and the staying power is amazing too, they don't seem to budge at all until I remove them at night, what more could you want for just £4?!

Have you tried any of the MUA palettes? What do you think to them?


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