Friday, 21 February 2014

Weekday Wonders : Rowton Hall Edit

With an awful start to the year and things not having gone to plan so far, Dan and I most likely will not get the chance to go on a summer holiday, pulls a sad face, so when Dan was told by his work that he had some holidays to take before the end of this month, he immediately booked two weeks off and I booked the second week off, this week, so that we could at least spend some time off together, even if it isn't abroad. With this happening at such short notice, we didn't have the time or money to book and do anything extravagant but we did decide that a night away somewhere would be nice...

After settling on the decision to take a spa break, we found a great deal with Secret Escapes and booked a one night stay at Rowton Hall Hotel and Spa in Chester. It is only 12 minutes away from Chester Zoo, so naturally we decided to have one day in the spa and one day with some furry little friends!

On Monday we set out on our road trip to Chester, which took us around just 2 hours to reach, pulling up to the hotel we set our eyes on the most beautiful building, an old manor house turned country house hotel, originating from the 14th century, acquiring 37 rooms in total and with the friendliest staff, I have to admit me and Dan couldn't have been any more out of place!

We arrived at 12pm but weren't due to check in until 3pm, so we made use of the spa facilities which consists of a pool, sauna room, steam room, treatment rooms and gym. I would love to say I enjoyed a luxurious treatment but in all honesty we were happy just sat reading our books on the loungers by the pool and we popped in the pool and steam room for a bit towards the end. It was just nice to relax away from our computers, TV's and noise.

At 3pm we checked into our Executive suite and literally collapsed on the bed, it had already been a long day! I then forced myself up to take pictures as I wanted to show you guys how amazing it was! Dan adored the room, me not so much, I hate old fashioned decor and this was exactly that, don't get me wrong it was pretty, but I'm just a more modern kind of girl. The bathroom however was super dreamy, the kind you'd want in your own home, all white, with mirrors galore, perfect for selfies, yes I took plenty, and even a TV to watch whilst relaxing in the bath. I did take a long soak with my Bayliss and Harding soap petals, review to come, before I got ready for our evening meal.

We booked our table for 7.30, however when we arrived we were told to wait in the bar, after around 20 minutes we were given a menu to look at and our orders were taken shortly after but we didn't actually get a table until 8.30pm. I wouldn't have minded too much if they were rushed off their feet but it wasn't particularly busy. Our starters took a while to arrive and we didn't end up leaving until around 10.30pm straight after dessert, as much as I would have liked to have actually sat down at 7.30pm and eaten straight away, the staff were amazingly friendly, you are treat like royalty, and we did get free drinks because of the wait. The staff carry your drinks from the bar to your table, and when I asked where I could get water for my room, they told us it would be brought up to us and we weren't even charged, even though it was bottled water, I was seriously impressed! The food was out of this world, and I'm not good with food, I wish I could have photographed it, but it just wasn't the place.

We got up early the next day to get ready for breakfast, usually when we stay in a hotel we just throw on our joggers and a hoodie and I will go down to breakfast with no make up on, but with how posh the hotel is, every one was dressed well, with a full face of makeup even for breakfast! We then headed back to the room to pack, checked out and headed to the Chester zoo, which I will review in my next post...

Epic fail of my OOTD post when we arrived, didn't realise my scarf covered the whole thing...

Dress - Primark £3
Cardigan - Zara - Last year
Scarf - H&M - Last year
Bag - Primark - Last Year



In love with this bathroom, there's a shower at the side of the bath too...

Mirrors around the bath...

Aromatherapy Associates in the bathroom...

Evening meal outfit and selfie...

Dress - Primark £3
Necklace - Primark £3
Tights - Primark - Super Cosy Tights - £4
Shoes - Primark - last year
Watch - DKNY
Bracelet - Pandora
Nail Polish - A petal for your thoughts - Gelish
Phone Case - Ebay

Have you been to Rowton Hall Hotel and Spa?


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