Saturday, 22 February 2014

Weekday Wonders: Chester Zoo Edit

After booking our spa break in Chester, we decided to have a search of what was in the area as we had to check out of the hotel by 11am, when we saw that chester zoo was just 12 minutes away from our hotel, probably around 5 in the car, we immediately decided that was our second day sorted. Me and Dan are like big kids and we just love animals and especially zoo's! We always go to a zoo whilst on holiday, if there is one near and we've been to both Twycross Zoo and also West Midlands Safari park, which are both must's if you too love zoo's. 

Chester zoo is simply amazing, it's the largest zoo development in the UK and there are so many amazing animals, from elephants to a bear, yes I got extremely excited over this, to the red panda, which we forgot to go see! There are 400 species and 11,000 animals to look at, with opportunities to see some of the animals being fed, which is good when some, like the Jaguars, are in such big enclosures, as it means they come out for you to see a little better. 

A little warning though, there is an awful lot of walking around, 11 miles to be exact, and today it has finally took it's toll on my body. I woke up with severely achy legs, I did get up, visit Dan's grandparents and even managed to fit a small shopping trip in but since arriving home I have been laid on the sofa with a few mags and a blanket whilst poor Dan has ran round after me, as my legs seem to have gotten worse. 

So if you decide to visit Chester zoo, I have a few tips for you:

Use the monorail - it's better than aching for days after, 
Drink lots of water - I also got extremely dehydrated,
Take a spare memory card for your camera - I ran out of space. 

Here are just a few pics from the day...

Akward posing...

Yep, we are both glasses geeks...

Have you been to Chester Zoo before? What did you think?


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