Thursday, 13 February 2014

The Brush Guard Brush Cleaning Kit

Along with having an addiction to makeup comes the need and want for makeup brushes, and as much as I love using them, I absolutely loath cleaning them. However if you don't want spots and you want your eyeshadow colour to be the one you've actually chosen and not a mixture of every colour you've ever applied, it has to be done. 

Working in the nail industry I often sit reading the latest Sally's Salon Services magazine whilst eating my lunch, yes I can multi task when needed and a few weeks back I spotted a brush cleaning kit by The Brush Guard, which seriously intrigued me. It is available online however I begrudge paying delivery charges and I wasn't desperate for it so I didn't bother ordering it. Then last week, my boss sent me to Sally's as we were running low on some products and whilst in there I spotted the brush cleaning kit, so I decided it was fate and bought it. Ooops! 

I must admit I became eager to test this kit out, as it does look pretty interesting and I thought it may make brush cleaning more fun, but I had to wait a few days to do so. ooo the itch!

The Kit...

(All Prices in this post are excluding VAT)

 Kit contains:

1 x Washing Cup

1 x Drying Vase

1 x Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo

1 x Blotting Cloth

1 x Pack of Brush Guards ( 1 x L, 2 x M, 2 x S, 1 x XS) 

You can also buy these 2 items seperate:

1 x The Brush Guard Variety Pack £4.99
1 x The Brush Guard Squeaky Clean Shampoo £4.99

As you can see the Kit is amazingly good value for money, after buying both the above items, you could just spend £1.21 more and get 3 extra items! It would be silly not to.

The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit is designed to 'get the ickies out' i.e old makeup, skin cells, dust & dirt, oil and of course gunk. Whilst the brush guards aim to protect your brushes from damage whilst allowing them to dry and keeping their shape.

How to use...

Step 1 - First off you soak your chosen brush with water, i.e run it under the tap, then apply a few drops of the shampoo into the washing cup and rub the bristles of the brush along the bottom of the cup, which has a sudsing surface to allow the dirt to be removed whilst working up a lather to clean the brush. 

Step 2 - You can then rinse your brush under the water or like me rinse the cup, fill it a quarter of the way with warm water and continue to rub the bristles along the bottom of the brush, whilst swirling it in the water to ensure all the nasties are gone.

Step 3 - Blot the brush with the blotting cloth, I found it easier to gently press the brush between the folded cloth, to remove any excess moisture.

Step 4 - Reshape the brush bristles with your fingers.

Step 5 - Choose the correct brush guard for your chosen brush (there is a guide in the pack,) and slide this over the end of the brush up towards the bristles, and push it past the end of the bristles around a quarter of the way.

Step 6 - Place the brush bristles down in the drying vase and allow to dry.

Once the brushes are dry you can remove the brush guards to apply makeup, leaving the guards on whilst the brushes are not in use allows them to keep their shape and avoid damage.

My Thoughts...

I have to say my thoughts are very mixed on this kit! I love the kit, I think it's a fab idea, I love each part of the kit, I even love the towel, how sad am I? However I am a little dissapointed too.

Having only 6 brush guards, I should have picked up an extra pack and having lots more brushes, I left some bristles down with guards on to dry and the rest with the bristles up and without guards. I cleaned them at around 7.30pm Sunday night, so they would have all been in the drying vase around 8pm and when I came to use them around 10 am the next morning, around 14 hours later, the ones in the brush guards were still wet. The drying vase is supposed to allow the brushes to dry quicker, and so is gravity when their face down, but we can't exactly blame gravity here. It did only take a quick excess blotting for them to be useable, however they were still a little damp meaning my makeup didn't apply as well and I didn't have time to wait for them to dry. 

That being said, I found that the washing cup cleaned my brushes a hell of a lot better than the palm of my hand does and I do love that I have a pot to stand them in over night, rather than leaving them on a towel. I'd say it could be down to the fact that I just hadn't left them long enough to dry, however the ones without brush guards on were perfectly dry and there was a range of different sized brushes in the pot. I will give it another try and see how it goes, maybe next time I will do them Sunday morning ready for Monday morning and see if it works leaving them that bit longer. However it will not be a waste either way, as I can still use the kit to clean and will just leave my brushes to dry in the stand bristles up without guards when washed and use the guards when the brushes are in my makeup bag to prevent damage.

Overall I love the kit and think it will actually encourage me to clean my brushes more!

Have you seen the Brush Guard Cleaning Kit? Would you use it?


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