Saturday, 1 February 2014

LVNDR lovelies...

I've been following the lovely Emma from Emtalks for quite a while now, she writes an amazing blog, creates fantastic Youtube videos and seems like such a lovely, down to earth person, not to mention she's super pretty. So when Emma announced the launch of her online jewellery shop called LVNDR I was rather intrigued. The prices are affordable, the pieces are unique and the packaging is divine, I couldn't not make a purchase!

With Valentines day coming up I opted for the XOXO Ring and Sweet Heart Studs both in silver, these are both such sweet pieces and I've not taken them off since I received them. 

The XOXO ring comes in a size N, this is the perfect size for me as if fits perfectly on both my middle and Ring fingers, the sizing's are stated so if your not sure whether it would fit, Emma makes it simple to measure before you order. This is actually sold out in Silver at the moment, but it is available in Bronze and there is new stock regularly. This is priced at just £3.49 which I think is pretty good and it's definitely worth it! 

The Sweet Heart Studs are nice for everyday wear, they also come in gold and at £1.99 how could I not pick these? My ears are pretty sensitive to costume jewellery, especially earrings but I've worn them all week and my ears haven't reacted yet. They're also weightless meaning you forget you have them in, which I love because there's nothing worse than earrings that weigh your ears down and make them sore.

Delivery is super cheap at just 89p for second class or £1.29 for first class, this may vary due to location, though I am not sure as delivery is calculated once you go to your basket. LVNDR also ship worldwide for a small fee.

These items are the perfect gifts for Valentines Day so a few nudges to loved ones could be worth a try! 

Have you heard of LVNDR? Have you purchased any products from them? What do you think?


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