Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Winter Warmers and Weekend Wonders #4

Hiya lovelies!

I hope you've all had an amazing weekend!

With work being quiet at the moment due to the time of year we've set up a system in which we each in turn get a Saturday off and this week was my Saturday off, meaning I had a three day weekend :) With Dan being off too we had quite a productive weekend :) 


Friday night we went to my Aunties fortieth birthday party, which was great, we had a few drinks and a catch up with some long lost relatives, as you seem to do at parties, it was great to spend time with my family, as I think we always seem to let life get in the way and don't see each other often enough!


Saturday we started with a lie in, weekend duty of course, amongst jobs we also popped to Matalan as Dan needed some new work trousers, big mistake, as I spotted their sale section, of course and ended up with an armful by the time Dan found me, I did end up deciding that I didn't need it all and just settled on three items. A coat, skirt and tracksuit top, which I apologize for not getting chance to photograph.

Textured Oversized Coat was £40 now £10 Matalan & Lurex Pencil Skirt was £14 now £3.50 Matalan

These were both just too much of a bargain to leave! Oversized coats are big right now and I've been looking for a berry coloured one for a while, I actually ordered one from Asos but it was more of an oversized chunky cardigan than a coat so I ended up sending it back. This fits great, is really warm and will update my winter wardrobe perfectly and I can't believe it was just £10! As for the skirt, I really didn't need another but £3.50? I spend that on magazines and this skirt will look perfect with a cami and blazer for an evening out or with a chunky jumper and boots for day. I love the sparkle throughout it and the colour will go with anything.


Sunday morning me and Dan got up early to go for a run, we decided to take Archie too, not the brightest idea as he runs too fast for me and I look like he's taking me for a walk; arms over stretched, Archie ten steps in front of me, and me trying to keep my legs from going under me, you get the jist! I am also very ashamed to admit I haven't ran in over a year and I barely managed a yard before I had to stop, the majority of the 1.52 miles I attempted, I track it with run keeper thanks to the lovely Alice from ww.brighttowngirl.blogspot.co.uk who gave me the idea, was spent either jogging or fast paced walking, I can't handle the running just yet.


Monday we had to take Dan's brother back to University in Lincoln as his poor brum brum literally blew up on Friday, so we took advantage of the trip and turned it into a little day out, I'm loving our mini outings at the moment! 

After nosying at Adam's uni house, we headed into Lincoln central, first stop was Wagamamas which is amazing, if you haven't been before, you should! You sit on a bench, eat with chopsticks, you can ask for cutlery, and your food is made fresh to order in the open kitchen, it's a great experience! The one in Lincoln is also built over the lake and we got a window seat, which looked so pretty with the sun being out, I tried to take pictures from our seats but the sun was too bright. 

I took this one when we got outside Wagamamas...

For starters we had Pulled Pork Gyoza, which was mouth-wateringly tasty, its a dish of pulled pork wrapped in dumplings but taste more like pancakes, with a side of what was supposed to be spicy sauce but I swear it was balsamic vinegar! Either way it was still so good! We then both had the Yasai Cha Han which is a giant bowl of stir fried rice, fried egg, spring onions, mushrooms, mange tout, sweetcorn and tofu, Dan had chicken and prawn, it also comes with a side of Miso soup and pickles. It was so good, but there was so much, I actually gave up and left a little, but the best part for me and the reason why I was most excited, was that they serve fresh juices! I love a fresh juice and I chose the raw juice, which has carrot, cucumber, tomato, orange and apple juice in, I asked for it in a take-out cup to carry around whilst shopping, it tasted amazing and made me feel amazing too!

We then headed off shopping for a couple of hours, here's what I bought...


Woodland Desk Pad Sticky Notes £8

Damask Butterfly Mechanical Pen £2

With my new mission to be organised this year, I originally made an organiser in the style of this one on word and have been using it for the past week, but when I saw this one in Paperchase I really loved it and figured by the time I'd paid to print mine out for the 52 weeks of the year, I might as well buy this one :) is that justified? I also wanted a new pen to go with it, and thought that the colours on this one matched perfectly!


Gold Chain - £3 & Watch - £4

I love both of these items as they both look classic but stylish and will update any outfit, the watch is actually from the men's section.

Cream Purse £5

I was desperate for a new purse, my old one was falling apart and I love that this cream one has plenty of sections for cards. I also love the clasp fastening on the back section, meaning there is plenty of room for all that change. I just wish it didn't have Atmosphere plastered across the front! Not cool Primarni!

Checked Pajama Bottoms £6 and Pink Vest £2

I've wanted a pair of checked pajama bottom since tartan made it's comback, but I haven't found a pair I've liked enough to buy. I love these ones from Primark as they're in pastel colours, which I'm a big lover of,  and there amazingly soft and comfy! The top is just a vest from the basic everyday clothing section as I didn't like the pajama tops that were with the bottoms, but boy did it take a while to find a colour that matched.

And the perfect end to our weekend as always, we had a Costa to drive home with, Black Forest Hot Cholcoate with Soya and she remembered the cherry sauce, what a beaut!

As you can see, we've had a pretty hectic weekend but I've really enjoyed it! It's made a lovely change from the usual weekends spent at work and then watching football when home, not my choice by the way...

What did you get up to on your weekend?


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